Nashik: Change of shoulders in 39 Assistant Conservators of Forests in the state leader

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Nashik : Leader News Service
Transfer orders of 39 Assistant Conservator of Forests and Sub-Divisional Forest Officers in the state were issued on Wednesday (31), including six ACFs in Nashik Forest Department. As a result of this change, Nandurmadheshwar and Yaval sanctuaries now have full-time officers. However, the promotion decision is likely to be somewhat delayed as the transfer orders of Assistant Conservator of Forests, who have been awaiting promotion for the past several months, have been issued.

Assistant Conservator of Forests Hemant Shewale, who has done special work in East Nashik Forest Department, in the traveling team of Yaval Sanctuary, while Dr. Sujit Nevse has been posted as ACF (Technical) at Dhule. Tripti Nikhate has been transferred to the post of assistant conservator of forest, Nandur Madhyameshwar Sanctuary, which has been vacant since six months. Meanwhile, Ganesh Jole, who handled the Santosha-Bhagadi mining case along with the Darnakath leopard-man conflict, has been appointed to the Yaval Sanctuary. Malegaon sub-divisional forest officer Jagdish Yedlawar was reported to the Jalna Research Centre.
Meanwhile, six Assistant Conservator of Forests of Nashik have been transferred. However, as no one else has been appointed in his place, the concerned ACF will have to take charge for the next few days. A change in posting is likely again as some of the ACFs who are eligible for transfer will get promoted soon.

64 General Transfers of Forest Guards
Conservator of Forests Pankaj Garg ordered the transfer of a total of 64 forest guards in the western forest division. It includes 47 forest guards in difficult areas and 17 forest guards in non-difficult areas. As many as 30 women forest guards have been transferred. The order said that the transferable employees should be relieved immediately.

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