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Kolhapur, Sunil Kadam : ‘Aa Laut Ke Aaja Mere Meet, Tujhe Mere Geet Bulate Hain, Mera Suna Pada Re Sangeet, Tujhe Mere Geet Bulate Hain… This is a timeless love song from the 1959 Hindi film ‘Rani Rupmati’. But this love song is born out of obsession with our child. Basically, if you say that this is not a love song, but an Aart Saad by a father to his daughter, no one will believe it; But this is true. On the occasion of today’s ‘Father’s Day’, this spotlight is cast on the bond between fathers and sons!

In the 1950s, lyricist Pandit Bharat Vyas dominated the Hindi film world. He has given more than one famous and unique songs to the Hindi film industry. This is the story of the life of Pandit Bharat Vyas. Shyamsunder Vyas, the only son of Vyas, left home in 1957 in anger and rage. Panditji was at the peak of success at that time. He placed advertisements in the radio and newspapers in search of his son, pasted his photos everywhere and announced a suitable reward for finding him. Also vowed to different deities. But, to no avail.

Similarly, in 1958, a Hindi film producer went to Panditji’s house and requested him to write a song on father-son relationship. But Panditji, who himself was bereft of a son, threw this producer out of the house. But his wife convinced him and requested him to write a song for the film, but at least write a song for his son, and Panditji penned ‘Jara Samane To Ao Chaliye, Yun Chhoop Chhoop Chalne Mein Kya Raj Hain, Yun Chhoop Na Sakega Parmatma, Mere Atma Ki. Here are the voices..!’ In 1958, the song came to the screen through the Hindi film ‘Janam Janam Ke Phere’ and became a huge hit. But, the background of this song was that of father-son estrangement. After that, Panditji wrote many popular songs for Hindi films. However, most of his film songs are seen with a sort of sonorous undertone. He wrote many songs during his son’s absence; But the boy did not come back when he found nothing.

It was from the feeling of bereavement that another song was written by Panditji in 1968 and its lyrics were, ‘Aa Laut Ke Aaja Mere Meet, Tujhe Mere Geet Bulate Hai, Mera Suna Pada Re Sangeet, Tujhe Mere Geet Bulate Hain…’ This is one of the best songs from the Hindi film Rani Rupmati. Such is the love song. The song was performed on screen by Bharatbhushan and Nirupa Roy and sung by Mukesh and Lata Mangeshkar! Could it be a coincidence or through this song, a father’s desire reached his son; But within a few days after the release of this song, Panditji’s distraught son Shyamsundar returned home. Perhaps the emotion of his father’s words touched his heart. Although this original song is a love song, it has a fringe, but it is sure!

Famous songs and movies of Pandit Bharat Vyas!

Aadha hai moon, night before… (Navarang)
Zara matchen to ao chhaliye… (Janam janam ke fere)
Chali Radhe Rani Bhar Ankhion Mein Pani Apne… (Parineeta)
Ai Malik Tere Bande Hum… (Do Ankhen Barah Haat)
O Chand Na Itrana… (Mann Ki Jeet)
Ja Tose Nahin Bolu, Ghunghat Nahin Koolun… (Emperor Chandragupta)
Tu chupi hai kahun, main tadpata hai… (Navarang)
Jyot Se Jyot Jalate Chalo… (Saint Dnyaneshwar)
Kaha bhi na jaye, chup raha bhi na jaye… (Tufan aur dia)
Aa Laut Ke Aaja Mere Geet… (Rani Rupmati)
Be it near or far… (Emperor Chandragupta)

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