Nagar: Fire department will get strength, 40 employees in fifteen days, new bomb will be added leader

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Nagar, Leader News Service: The municipal fire department is staffed with only 17 personnel. Two of the employees are going to retire tomorrow. However, after the fire incident in Kedgaon Industrial Estate, the Municipal Corporation has started recruitment of 40 employees through external organizations in 15 days. After that, the fire department will work at full capacity, sources said.

The city which was once spread over 217 acres has now expanded to 22 thousand acres. So, the population has also crossed five and a half lakhs. So, the number of properties is also beyond one lakh. Hence, the issue of security of the city frequently arises. There are three fire department offices in the city. But as there are no employees in that office, Savedi and Kedgaon offices have to be closed. Only one of the three fire extinguishers is safe. Two of the bombs are in the garage for repair. The fire department is staffed with only 17 personnel. Regarding this. The leader had released a detailed report. Damrayan, Eight days ago a fire broke out in a company in Kedgaon Industrial Estate. So the facts of the fire department came to the fore. At the municipal level, employee movements started immediately through external organizations. The process of making an agreement with the concerned organization is going on. In the next eight days, the fire department will get 40 trained personnel. Seven of them will be employee drivers. So, the Bombs filed for repair will also join the municipal service again in the next two days. Also, a new state-of-the-art fire fighting bomb will also arrive in the next eight days. So once again the fire department will be efficient.

40 employees will be hired in the next eight days through an external organization. After that all the three offices i.e. Savedi, Maliwada and Kedgaon will be started.
– Shankar Misal, Fire Department Chief

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