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Pune : Even after six months have passed since the Shinde-Fadnavis government announced that Pune’s new airport will be located in Purandar taluka, no direction has been decided regarding this airport. The responsibility of land acquisition for the airport has been given to the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC). However, no concrete decision has been taken by the government in this regard.

Although it has been announced to build an international airport in Pune district since 1996, it is clear that the direction of this airport has not yet been determined. After Chakan, Khed, now seven villages of Purandar taluka will have an airport, it is being repeated by the political parties. However, the reality has emerged that no leader is ready to take a clear stand in this regard.

About four to five thousand crore rupees will be required for the Purandar airport. The government expects that ‘MIDC’ should bear the burden of more funds. After refusing to give more than 15 percent of funds, how to provide funds now? Such a dilemma has arisen.

The state government has entrusted the responsibility of land acquisition to ‘MIDC’. Discussions are currently going on at the ministry level on how much will be the share of funds of MIDC, Government, ‘CIDCO’, both Municipalities in the project. MIDC has thrown up its hands by refusing to fund more than 15 percent.

Delhi Court Decision

The decision of the international airport to be made at Purandar has been stalled by the Delhi court. The district administration has sent its report to Delhi Darbari. However, the reality is that no decision has been taken yet. During the Mahavikas Aghadi government, there was also a proposal to change the seat. Both the places have been brought to the attention of the government.
– Administrative Officer

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