Danoli Jaisingpur road traffic jam due to fallen tree; The youth took the initiative and paved the way leader

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Danoli: Leading News Service: Traffic was disrupted for an hour after a tree fell on the road in Mahajan Tech Sarkari Odha area on Jaisingpur Road in Danoli on Thursday evening.

Police Patil Prashant Nejkar, Aditya alias Dadu Dhanwade, Bablu Dalvi, Nitin Shinde-Raut, Saurabh Bhise and Arjun Mane ran and cut the tree aside with the help of Koyta, Kurd and cutter. Due to this, the road which was closed to traffic for an hour was cleared.

There is heavy traffic on this road. As it is downhill here, the vehicles are smooth. There was a possibility of an accident at night. Taking note of this, the youth took the initiative and opened the road. It is appreciated everywhere.

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