Amol Kolhe in the Nationalist: Anil Deshmukh leader

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Nagpur, Leader News Service : The scrutiny of the Lok Sabha constituency is going on. However, senior leaders will take the decision after the election of the electorate for change. Senior leaders are also going to take a decision on whether senior leaders should go to the Lok Sabha or not. Although there was a banner fight, Dr. Amol foxes are in our own party. Amol Kolhe will be a candidate from NCP. If Pankaja Munde decides to join NCP, then Sharad Pawar will take the decision by taking the vote of the leader of Beed district, said former minister and NCP leader Anil Deshmukh.

NCP will try to ask for some more seats in Vidarbha. Testing is going on for that. Congress, Thackeray group is doing the same as NCP is doing scrutiny. After that a decision will be taken together. Claimed that there are no differences. Along with this, Deshmukh has said that we will discuss with the Congress and Shiv Sena to get the Legislative Assembly seat in Nagpur city.

He warned that the state or central government should help the cotton farmers, otherwise cotton holi will be held in two-three days. NCP’s two-day OBC camp is being held in Nagpur. Sharad Pawar and other leaders will come to Nagpur. Deshmukh said that an attempt will be made to solve the issue of OBSIN through this means.

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