Adhik Maas 2023 : Auspicious coincidence after 19 years: This year Shravan is 2 months; Know the religious importance leader

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Prof. Ravindra Joshi : Parli Vaijnath

From a religious point of view, the month of Shravan is considered favorable and devoted to devotion. This year, this holy season is going to be around 2 months. Such an auspicious coincidence is coming after almost 19 years. Since there is more month this year, the month of Shravan will be almost 2 months. This year 8 Shravani Mondays (Adhik Maas 2023) are coming. It is considered to be a special festival from the religious point of view.

The month of Shravan is dedicated to Lord Mahadev. Lord Shiva is worshiped in this holy month. While Adhik Maas (Adhik Maas 2023) is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Both these auspicious coincidences have come in the month of Shravan this year. There is going to be a two month Shravan festival of more Shravan and Nij Shravan.

According to the Hindu calendar, the month of Shravan will start from 18th July 2023 and will last till 15th September. That means devotees will get a chance to worship Lord Shankar for a total of 59 days this time. It is said that this auspicious combination happened after 19 years. This time there will be a supermoon between 18th July and 16th August. This means that along with Lord Shankar, Lord Vishnu will also get blessings in Shravana.

Adhik Maas 2023 : A total of 8 Shravan Mondays in the plus month and Nij month

First Monday – July 24
Second Monday – July 31st
Third Monday – 7th August
Fourth Monday – August 14
Fifth Monday – 21 August
Sixth Monday – August 28
Seventh Monday – September 4
Eighth Monday – September 11

According to astrological calculations, a solar year is 365 days, 6 hours and 11 seconds. But a lunar year is 354 days and 9 hours. In such a case, every year the lunar year differs from the solar year by about 11 days. In such a situation, to maintain the harmony between the solar year and the lunar year, after one Malmasa, another Malmasa comes again after 32 months, 16 days. Thus every third year there is more mass. A similar coincidence has happened after almost 19 years this time in the month of Shravan. So this year there will be more mass in the month of Shravan.

– Bhagavatmarmagya Balu Maharaj Ukhlikar (Religionist)

This year more Shravan month is from 18th July to 16th August followed by Nij (pure) Shravan month from 17th August to 15th September. As per the Amant mas method, in the region of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Andhra, all the fasts of the month of Shravan, Monday fasting, Mangalagouri Pujan etc. should be done in the month of Nij Shravan (pure). (There are no 8 Mondays of Shravan in our region) Then in Shuddha Shravan, one month of Shravan worship and fasting should be done.

– Mohan Date (Date Almanac)

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