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Chikodi : Leading News Service : Acharya Shri Kamakumar Nandi Maharaj was cremated today (9th) at Hirekudi. Thousands of devotees and leaders were present on this occasion. Maharaja was cremated at the Nandi Parvat Ashram premises at Hirekudi in Chikodi taluka between 1.30 pm. On this occasion, his nephew and president of the Ashram, Babu Bhimappa Ugare, lit the fire. All funerals and other rituals were performed according to Jain rituals.

On this occasion, Genesen Bhattarak Pattacharya Swamiji of Nandani, Shri Lakshmisen Bhattarak Pattacharya Swamiji of Kolhapur, Dharmasen Bhatarak Pattacharya Swamiji of Varur, MLA Ganesh Hukkeri, former Minister and Legislative Council Member Sakshana Sawadi, Arihant Sangh Chief Uttam Patil, BJP District President Dr. Along with Rajesh Nerli, devotees, Jain community members etc were present (Kamakumar Nandi Maharaj).

House team present:

Muni’s elder brother Laxman Bhimappa Ugare, nephew Babu Bhimappa Ugare, Ramappa Bhimappa Ugare, Sunil Ramappa Ugare and other family members attended the funeral. A crowd of devotees started gathering at the ashram from eight o’clock in the morning. Around 2 thousand devotees had gathered till the funeral.

Devoted to tears:

A large number of devotees were present to have the last darshan of Maharaj. A large number of women were present on this occasion. At this time, many were saddened by the memory of Maharaj. It was seen that many devotees had tears in their eyes.

Kamakumar Nandi Maharaj : Salute to Rain:

It took time to perform all the rituals on the earth. After this, nephew Babu Ugare set the fire, suddenly there was heavy rain and the rain stopped within five minutes. Therefore, the discussion was going on at the spot that the rain also paid tribute to Muni.

Tight security by police:

A heavy police force under the leadership of Belgaum District Police Chief Sanjiv Patil was deployed to maintain law and order during the funeral. At this time SP of Gadag B. S. Nem Gowda along with other officers and employees were present.

Police cordon at Chikodi and Hirekudi:

Since Saturday, every gallogalli police has been kept in Chikodi and Hirekudi villages fearing a breach of law and order as Jain Muni went missing and later murdered.

Punish the accused severely and protect the sages:

Jinsen Bhattarak Pattacharya Swamiji of Nandani said that Jainism is a religion of non-violence and such brutal killing of a sage of the Jain community is highly condemnable. The government should take strict action against the killers of Munis. He also appealed to participate in Monday’s silent march in Chikodi, demanding police protection to Munis and ashrams to prevent such incidents.

Kamakumar Nandi Maharaj: Will raise voice in the hall: Savadi

On this occasion former minister Laxman Sawadi said that this kind of incident is a disgrace to the society. The killers should be severely punished. For this, a voice will be raised in the assembly hall. Let’s try to prevent this from happening again. He appealed that no one should play politics in this.

There should be no hatred against anyone, action should be taken: Uttam Patil

Jainism has always given the message of humanity and peace to the world. But this incident is unfortunate. We are not hating anyone but we wish that the society should get justice. The police especially S. P. Sanjeev Patil congratulated him saying that he had cooperated.

Chikodi grand march on Monday morning:

In protest of the killing of Acharya Kamkumar Maharaj, R. D. A grand silent march will be taken out from the college. Therefore, all the Jain brothers and devotees were invited to attend on this occasion.

Accused in judicial custody:

The court remanded Narayan Mali and Hasan Dhalayat, the suspected accused in this case, to custody. He is currently in Hindalga Jail. The police will take them into custody and start further investigation.

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