Agni-1 Ballistic Missile: Successful launch of ballistic missile Agni-1 by India leader

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New Delhi; Leaders Online: Agni-1 Ballistic Missile (Agni-1 Ballistic Missile) was successfully tested by India on Thursday (1st). These missiles are capable of hitting targets with high precision. By this the target can be reached accurately. Chief Spokesperson of the Ministry of Defense A. Given by Bharatbhushan.

Capable of hitting targets from higher altitudes (Agni-1 Ballistic Missile)

According to the Ministry of Defence, the medium-range ballistic missile Agni-1 was successfully test-fired by the Strategic Force Command on June 1, 2023, from APJ Abdul Kalam Island in Odisha. This missile is capable of hitting targets from very high altitudes. Through this launch, all operational and technical aspects of the missile were successfully verified.

India’s work on ballistic missiles

India has been working on various ballistic missiles for the past two decades. India is also engaged in developing precision-powered defense products and related platforms. The focus is on enhancing India’s strategic capabilities. Under this India has developed various types of ‘Agni’ series missiles. (Agni-1 Ballistic Missile)

Successful test of Agni-5

Last December, India successfully test-fired Agni-5, a nuclear-capable ballistic missile that can hit targets up to 5,000 km away. Agni 1 to 4 missiles have a range of 700 km to 3,500 km and have already been deployed.

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