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Kurundwad, Leader News Service : If the amount of rain is high, it is not possible to stop the flood if the government properly plans the water coming into the river basin and implements the remedial plan. But its intensity can be reduced. Pradeep Purandare, former member of Vadanere Committee asserted that proper planning and discharge from Koyna Almatti Dam will not create a disaster like flood and a permanent solution will be found.

At the confluence of Krishna-Panchganga river at Kurundwad, the second flood conference was held on Thursday evening by the “Andolan Ankush” and the Krishna Flood Control Nagari Kriti Samiti, Sangli. On this occasion, Purandare of Vadanere Committee was speaking as the main speaker. Former Director General of Water Resources Department D. Hon. There were more., Kolhapur Irrigation Superintending Engineer Mahesh Surve, Sangli Water Resources Department former Deputy Engineer Vijay Kumar Dewan, former Deputy Engineer Prabhakar Kengar, Chintamani Sahastrabuddhe etc. were present.

Speaking further on this occasion, the former member of the committee Purandare further said, the bridges built in the riverbed to connect the villages to the Almatti Dam and their filling as well as the encroachment on the streams and drains in the small villages are the causes of the flood. There was no discussion.

Speaking on this occasion, former Director General More said, the global disaster like Corona has been stopped by the government of the country and the state by implementing good measures. But they do not take seriously about the deluge, it is necessary to force the state government to stop the disaster of deluge permanently by setting up an organizational generator.

Speaking on this occasion, Sahastrabuddhe said, the government is ready to implement a solution plan to stop many calamities. But why is this government failing to stop the flood? And if the government studies it, it will be possible to stop the deluge. However, if the sluggish government system is to be woken up, generators are necessary.

Former engineer Vijaykumar Dewan said, Karnataka and Maharashtra state governments will coordinate water discharge by showing immediate seriousness about the suggestions made in the case of floods by meeting with the Chief Minister of Maharashtra Eknath Shinde and the delegation of Andolan Ankush Sangathan. It has been completed by the Maharashtra government during the summer, so they have assured that there will be no deluge this year. Depletion of water from the Koyna Varana dam before June is likely to result in this year’s rains filling the dams and draining Karnataka state, leaving water in the river basin. Therefore, this year’s flood is not expected.

Resolutions of the Second Flood Conference

●The stock in the dam should be controlled as per the 2018 guidelines of the Central Water Commission.
According to the guidelines of the Central Water Commission, the water level in the Almatti dam should not be kept above 513.60 meters till July 31 by maintaining constant coordination between the two states of Maharashtra and Karnataka.
● All reservoirs in the Krishna basin need to be managed in an integrated manner.
● Barges in Hippargi barrage in Kolhapur style barrage should be removed from the bottom every year during Rohini Nakshatra.
● State level flood control boards, committees should be constituted in Krishna basin and take their guidance.
●During the flood season, Tembhu, Takari and Mhaisal sub-irrigation schemes should be started in Sangli district to give water to drought areas.
● An effective law should be made to remove encroachments in the river bed and take action regarding river water pollution.
Streams and drains coming to the city on the banks of the river should be made plastic-free and emptied to their full capacity.
● Citizens in flood areas should be alerted and trained by providing guidance on flood protection.
●A Water Scientific Officer should be appointed in every district.

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