India ranks 4th in the list of powerful military leader

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London, News Agency: India has retained the fourth position in the list of the most powerful military in the world. In the list issued by the organization ‘Global Firepower’, the US has retained the top position, while China and Pakistan, which are dangerous for India, are at the third and seventh positions respectively. On the other hand, India’s neighbor Bhutan tops the list of weakest military in the world.

The list is released annually by the Global Firepower Institute, a group of defense experts who study militaries around the world. The latest list for 2023 includes a study of the military strength of 145 countries in the world. The world’s most powerful army is that of the United States, and its position remains intact in this list. Russia and China are included below.

In the past few years, India has been increasing its military power, and India has become one of the strongest armies in the world. While the rankings of other countries on the list show considerable shuffling, four of the top five countries, including India, have retained their positions.

What are the criteria…

The ranking is based on the strength of the army, defense budget, use of technology, modernization of military equipment and fleet, facilities provided to the troops, performance in recent campaigns,
A total of 60 such factors are studied to determine the ranking of countries’ military power, contributing to peacekeeping.

Pakistan in top ten

A list named ‘Global Firepower’ is published every year after studying the military strength of most of the countries in the world. India remains at fourth place, while Britain has moved from eighth to fifth place. Like India, South Korea has retained its 6th position. Pakistan has made it to the list of top ten countries and is ranked seventh. Japan and France were ranked fifth and seventh respectively last year. This year they have fallen to the eighth and ninth positions respectively.

Russia at another place

Russia, troubled by the Ukraine war, has retained its second place. Even though there is a difference of opinion among defense experts, Russia still holds its own in terms of overall size and cost.

Such is the Indian Army

Departments : Army, Navy, Air Force
Strength: 14 lakh active, 21 lakh reserve
Budget: $74 billion

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