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Washington: Advertised as an ‘unsinkable ship’, the luxury ship ‘Titanic’, which sailed from England to America a century ago, hit an iceberg and sank in the Atlantic Ocean after just four days of sailing on its maiden voyage. The Hollywood movie ‘Titanic’ has immortalized this tragedy. People are also curious about the remains of this ship at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Five billionaires who went to see the ruins in a submarine named ‘Titan’ died recently after the submarine exploded. Some videos of such submarines are available on YouTube and even watching them, one’s life can feel like an invasion!

In 1997, James Cameron painstakingly made the film ‘Titanic’ and successfully tried to present the events that happened with this ship on the silver screen. A few years later, the shipwreck enthusiasts took the initiative and embarked on quite a different journey; But the recent devastation has shown how safe this decision really was and how dangerous it was. A similarly excited passenger in a submarine from the ‘Oceangate’ company went to get a closer look at the remains of the Titanic and all five perished. Only the wreckage of the submarine was found. After this, many questions arose about how exactly this submarine was damaged, due to which a video became widely discussed on YouTube.

YouTuber Alanx El Mundo shared a video on his channel about 11 months ago. This video is of the submarine journey made seven months ago. Where he reached the Titanic’s railing from Oceangate’s own submarine. He shared the entire series of journeys of this submarine, somewhat elliptical and tapering at one end. In which a glimpse of the submarine’s innards could be seen from sneaking inside the submarine. The YouTuber showed off the overall interior in his video, complete with monitor lighting, reclining seating, and a small window through which you can see the outside. The journey began and the preconceived notions of how a submarine would operate in your and our minds were erased. There is no console here, not many buttons. The submarine is operated by a console much like playing a game, and the radar provides an overview of the situation outside. While watching the scene in the video, one gets choked up while reviewing the situation inside the submarine. While watching these scenes, the overwhelming reality that comes before the eyes while visiting the wreckage of Titanic is truly unique; But the question is how safe is this submarine risking life to see these ruins!

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