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Pune; Leading News Service: Due to the 86 percent rainfall deficit in Maharashtra this year in the average of June, our state has entered the list of drought-affected states. Till June 19, the average rainfall in the state is 102 millimeters. However, this year only 14.5 mm of rain has been received. This is the lowest rainfall in the last five years. (Moonson)

Monsoon came seven days late in Kerala this year. He was given 11th June as the date to come to Talkonkan in Maharashtra, so it was predicted that he would capture the state from 15th to 18th June. But defying all predictions, Monsoon has been stuck there for the past nine days. Its second branch went to West Bengal, but as the first branch got stuck in the lower part of Maharashtra, all the states in the country except Gujarat, Kutch, Saurashtra and Rajasthan have come under the drought list. (Moonson)

Division wise Rain Deficit..(Till June 19) (Moonson)

Konkan Division: Minus 80 percent deficit
(Average : 327 mm : Fall : 66.4 mm)
District wise deficit: Mumbai 92%, Palghar 70%, Raigad 83%, Ratnagiri 86%, Sindhudurg 80%, Mumbai suburbs 93%,
Madhya Maharashtra (Deficit: minus 86%)
(Average : 92.9 mm, Fall : 20.4 mm)
District wise deficit: Pune 78, Kolhapur 88, Nagar 79, Sangli 83, Satara 88, Solapur 99
Marathwada Division (Deficit: 90 percent)

Rainfall Status in the State in June (Till June 19)

  • Maharashtra (Total): Minus 86 percent
  • (Average: 102 mm, actually fell 14.5 mm:
  • Konkan: minus 80 percent, (Mumbai: minus 92 percent)
  • Madhya Maharashtra: Minus 84%
  • Marathwada: Minus 90%
  • Vidarbha : Minus 90 %

Sow only 1.23 percent of Kharipa

Due to lack of monsoon rains in the state, farmers are worried due to the failure of sowing. Sowing of moong and urad during the kharif season has come into trouble and only in the horticultural areas with water availability, mainly cotton, rice nursery and other crops, 1 lakh 74 thousand 556 hectares, i.e. only 1.23 percent of the average area, have been able to complete the kharif sowing.

It is being claimed by the Commissionerate of Agriculture that rains are expected after another week and there will be no impact on the sowing of other crops except moong and udi.

The average area under Kharif season crops in the state is 142 lakh hectares. By June 19 last year, sowing of Kharif season on an area of ​​about 7 lakh hectares (4.93 per cent) had been completed in the state. Because the rains were good in the beginning, the sowing had picked up some speed. However, due to non-appearance of monsoon rains, there have been difficulties in sowing, according to D. Chief Statistician of Agriculture Commissionerate. B. Patil said.

At present, cotton is the most cultivated and it is equal to 1 lakh 26 thousand hectares. Under that, paddy nursery is 43 thousand 110 hectares, Ragi 2500 hectares, Maize 1 thousand hectares, Moong 20 hectares, Udid 22 hectares.

Agriculture Minister Abdul Sattar has held a review meeting regarding Kharif season in the ministry on Monday (19th). Monsoon rain forecast in the coming week has been predicted by experts in the meeting. An important meeting is being held on Tuesday (20th) through video conference with the chancellors of agricultural universities regarding which other crops will have to be grown instead of moong and urad if the rains are prolonged. There will be a discussion on the state of rain and other topics.
– Sunil Chavan, Agriculture Commissioner, Agriculture Commissionerate, Pune

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