Crime News: Shocking! Lovers were killed by bullets, the family members threw the bodies in the river leader

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Leaders Online Desk: Currently, an incident of honor killing has come to light. A girl and her boyfriend were brutally murdered by her family. In this incident, the bodies of the lovers were shot and thrown into the Chambal river.

The incident took place in Morena district of Madhya Pradesh. It is said that the family members of the victim girl killed him. The girl’s family, along with other relatives, kidnapped the couple. They were then shot dead and their bodies thrown into the Chambal River. Police has given information about this.

The case came to light after the girl’s father Rajpal Singh Tomar confessed to the crime during interrogation. According to the police, Tomar claimed that he along with other family members killed his daughter Shivani Tomar and her boyfriend Radheshyam Tomar. There has been a stir in the police department after the case came to light that the police informed that they killed him on 3rd and then threw his body in the river. SDRF teams and divers have been sent to the Chambal river to search for the bodies of the boy and girl.

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