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Leaders Online Desk: 8.49 crore robbery at ATM cash company CMS in Ludhiana, Punjab, has been solved by the police. 5 crores have been seized after arresting 6 robbers involved in the robbery. During the police investigation, it was found that a woman along with an employee of CMS company had masterminded the whole incident. A total of 10 people were involved in this incident. His mastermind ‘Daku Hasina’ Mandeep Kaur is still absconding. A Lookout Notice (LOC) has been issued against her. Along with Mandeep Kaur, her husband and brother are also involved in this robbery. (Ludhiana Money Heist)

Police seized five crore seven hundred rupees in cash, CMS company car, car used in the crime, three rifles, 12 bores, sharp weapons, hydraulic ladder, blue bag from the custody of the arrested accused. Hammer, chisel, pliers, screwdriver and other tools were seized. The culprit of this incident was none other than an employee who had been working in the same company for the past four years. He committed this incident with one of his female friends. (Ludhiana Money Heist)

How was the conspiracy (Ludhiana Money Heist)

  • The two masterminds of the robbery

There are 2 main facilitators of this incident. The first person is Mandeep Kaur, a woman dubbed ‘Daku Hasina’ by the police, and the second is Manjinder Mani. Mani is an employee of this company since 4 years. He committed this crime by dreaming of making eight more accused rich.

  • Use 2 methods for event

Two different methods were used for the robbery incident. Manjinder Mani and a total of 5 people on 2 bikes were together. While Mandeep Kaur was in a cruise car and 4 robbers were with her, the conspiracy was divided into two modes.

  • Planning was going on for five months

Manjinder Mani used to work in a CMS company so he knew everything there. He knew in what condition the cash was kept here. He hatched this conspiracy with Mandeep Kaur after finding out about the loose points in the company in terms of security. The planning of this conspiracy starts from the month of January.

  • Robbed on Friday

Manjinder Mani knew that ATMs do not deposit money on Saturdays and Sundays. So the company has more cash on Friday. For this reason, Friday was chosen for the robbery.

  • No one used a mobile phone

None of these 10 accused had used a mobile phone. For this reason, the police could not trace them by location.

  • A robber posted a reel on Instagram after the robbery

The brother of loot mastermind Mandeep Kaur had posted a reel of notes on Instagram. In which bundles of new notes of Rs 500-5000 were seen kept on the dashboard of the car. So the police also suspected about his crime.

  • Flickr was on in the cash van of the robbers

The cash van looted by the robbers was on Flickr. About which only an expert or a driver knows. Therefore, employee-wise suspicion in the company increased. Even on the day of the incident, Manjinder Mani was driving the vehicle.

  • There is also a difference in amount

A discrepancy has been found between the amount of loot reported by the company and the amount after the confession of the robbers. 3-3 crores in 2 bags and DVR in the third bag, the robbers said. But, the company first announced 7 crores and later said it was 8.49 crores. The police say that the entire amount will be clear when all the robbers are nabbed.

  • Manjinder wanted to go abroad

Manjinder wanted to become rich overnight. That is why he hatched this conspiracy with Mandeep Kaur. The other accused have no criminal history. In such a situation, the dream of making everyone rich was shown.

  • The Chief Minister expressed his displeasure over the looting

On the other hand, speaking to the media, Police Commissioner Mandeep Sidhu said that when this incident took place, CM Bhagwant Maan expressed displeasure that how such a big incident happened? However, after this he gave his full support and thus the investigation of the incident was able to be carried out quickly

CM Bhagwant Mann along with DGP Gaurav Yadav tweeted about solving the case. The Chief Minister wrote that the police has achieved great success in the robbery case. On the other hand, DGP Gaurav Yadav said that a huge recovery has been made in the robbery case.

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