Crime against retired DySP in the case of abuse of daughter-in-law leader

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Solapur, Udari News Service : A case has been registered in Bijapur Naka Police Station against the retired DYSP who abused his own daughter-in-law. The victim’s daughter-in-law has filed a complaint.

The victim had a customary marriage last year with the son, who is a retired DYSP teacher. As the victim was pursuing her college education, her father-in-law, a retired DYSP, used to drop her to the college sometimes in a four-wheeler and sometimes in a two-wheeler.

In August 2022, the retired DySP molested the daughter-in-law who was alone in the house and threatened to throw her out of the house if she told anyone about it. Therefore, the victim daughter-in-law has not told anyone about this matter. Taking advantage of this, the father-in-law again abused the daughter-in-law. So when the victim daughter-in-law told this matter to her husband, her husband beat her and threw her out of the house. Therefore, the in-laws did not take the victim, who was living at home, to Nanda again. A report has been made to the police. Police Inspector Hanpude-Patil is investigating this crime.

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