Monsoon Session: Many MLAs of both factions of NCP absent leader

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Mumbai, Leading News Service : Confusion arose on the very first day of the Monsoon Session when both factions were claiming the support of the MLAs after the split in the NCP. As many MLAs from both Sharad Pawar and Ajit Pawar groups were absent in the House, it was not possible to understand who exactly has the numerical strength.

The Monsoon Session of the Legislature began on Monday. In the wake of the split in the NCP, both the groups had started the politics of rivalry. As a part of it, NCP’s Jitendra Awad had written a letter to the Legislative Assembly Speaker demanding that all the remaining MLAs, excluding the 9 ministers who took oath of office, should sit on the opposition bench.

As soon as the work of the session started, many MLAs avoided coming to the hall on the first day. Therefore, confusion continued on the first day about how many MLAs were in whose group. Narahari Zirawal, who belongs to the Ajit Pawar faction, is the Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Assembly. He was sitting on the seat next to the leader of opposition on the opposition bench. (Monsoon Session)

Meanwhile, although there were two factions in the NCP party, no seats were arranged for them on the opposition and ruling benches. As the Nationalist Congress Party was a single party in the Legislative Assembly, their seats were arranged in the seats of the opposition parties.

Supporter of Sharad Pawar MLA present

1) Jayant Patil
2) Anil Deshmukh
3) Balasaheb Patil
4) Rajesh Tope
5) Prajakta Tanpure
6) Suman Patil
7) Rohit Pawar
8) Man Singh Naik
9) Sunil Bhusara

Ajit Pawar group without nine ministers

1) Baban Shinde
2) Indranil Naik
3) Prakash Solanke
4) Ray moments
5) Sunil Shelke
6) Sarojini Ahire

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