Nevasa: Election of 40 water use organizations on ‘Mula’ postponed leader

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Nevasa (Ahmednagar); Leading News Service: Sayli Patil, Executive Engineer and Election Decision Officer of Mula Irrigation Department informed that the election of 105 organizations out of 145 small distribution level water use organizations on the right canal of Mula Dam was unopposed. For these elections, the deadline for filing nominations was from May 31 to June 2 and June 8 was the last date for withdrawing nominations. During this term, out of 145 institutions, 105 elections were held uncontested.

In the election of the remaining 40 institutions, as no response was received from the members of those institutions, one candidature could not be filed. Therefore, the process of election of those 40 organizations has been suspended. Therefore, the water resources department did not have time to take the polls for any organization. Even though these elections were held after a period of 10 years, the expected response was not received from the members of these 40 organizations.

Executive Engineer Saili Patil announced the program of elections of water utility bodies under the Maharashtra Irrigation System Management by Farmers Act 2005 and 2006 on the right and left canals of Mula Dam. Accordingly, out of 279 water use organizations on the right canals, elections were announced for 145 organizations in the first phase. This election was held in the jurisdiction of five sub-divisions namely Rahuri, Ghodegaon, Nevasa, Chilekhnawadi and Amrapur. List of eligible candidates for this as per election program dt. Released on June 12.

According to section 33 (1) (c) of the Maharashtra Irrigation System Management by Farmers Act, 2005, if the members of the water utility organizations have arrears of water dues, they will be disqualified from contesting the elections, and also the members of the existing board of directors of the organizations with outstanding water dues will also be disqualified from contesting the elections. The condition has led to uncontested elections, non-receipt of nomination papers, and disqualification of nomination papers received.

Patil explained that during the election of the rest of the organizations that will be held in the second phase, the elections of 28 organizations that did not receive nominations in the first phase, and 12 whose applications were not filed or the applications were declared invalid, will be re-announced.

50 lakhs was saved

The water resources department had assumed a minimum cost of Rs 35 thousand for the election of a water utility body. Most of the total 145 institutions were unopposed. It was not time to vote in the rest of the places. While the water resources department was suffering from lack of manpower, the avoidance of the voting process brought relief to the officers and employees. At the same time, the expenditure of more than 50 lakh rupees on these elections has been saved.

Subdivisions and Unopposed Institutions

Ghodegaon: All 20 not out, Rahuri 2 out of 15 not out. No response or application invalid in 13 places. Nevasa: Elections to 22 institutions out of 30, no response in 8 places. Chilekhnawadi: 30 out of 40 unopposed, 10 places no response. Amrapur: 31 out of 40 unopposed. No response at 9 locations.

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