Nashik: 1,049 seats of ‘RTE’ are vacant in the district leader

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Nashik : Leader News Service

Right to Education Act i.e. ‘RTE’ admission process in the state is going on very slowly. After the lottery, waiting list parents turn their backs on admission confirmation. In Nashik district, parents have confirmed admission to 3 thousand 805 seats of ‘RTE’ admission. So 1 thousand 049 seats are still vacant. The number of vacancies in the state is more than 25 thousand. In addition, Monday (19th) is the last chance to enter the waiting list, so there are signs of extension of the process.

For the academic year 2023-24, the admission process is being implemented for 25 percent reserved seats for economically weaker sections in private schools under RTE. There are 4 thousand 854 RTE seats available in 401 schools in Nashik district. For this, 21 thousand 923 applications were received. 4 thousand 750 students were selected in the lottery and 1 thousand 368 students were selected in the waiting list. Out of them, 3 thousand 156 students in lottery and 649 students in waiting list were admitted.

Meanwhile, the primary education department had extended the deadline three times for the admission process of the students selected in the lottery. After that the waiting list selection process is being implemented. However, RTE admissions have been delayed due to lack of expected response from parents. There are signs that the RTE admission process will be delayed till July.

Admission status in the district

School : 401

Seats Available : 4,854

Lottery Pick : 4,750

Selection in waiting list : 1,368

Admission Fixed : 3,805

Vacancies : 1,049

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