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Grandmother; Leading News Service: A few days ago, the state government had promised to accept the salary and other demands of Balarath employees in the state. But since the government ignored these demands, 840 Balrath employees in a total of 420 buses in the state will go on strike under the leadership of the United Balrath Employees Union from Monday (16).

Students going to school from Balrath are likely to be affected. Taking cognizance of this, the Directorate of Education has issued a circular stating that certain demands have been fulfilled. However, the employees are firm on the decision to strike. The education department said in a circular that some of the demands of the Balrath workers have been accepted.

Demands fulfilled by Govt

Earlier, the school management was getting 3 lakh 66 thousand annually from the education department for prams, now it has been increased to 4 lakh 17 thousand. The workers were getting 10 months salary, now it will be given for 11 months. Balrath drivers were paid 11 thousand rupees per month, now it has been increased to 12 thousand. Carriers were getting 5.5 thousand rupees, now it has been reduced to 6 thousand rupees. These workers have been ordered by the school management to pay their salaries on time. The department has clarified that the demands of the Balrath workers will be met.

Notice of strike called by Balrath employees has been given to education department and all schools. Meanwhile, the workers had earlier called for strikes many times for various demands. But, the government forced them to call off the strike with only promises. The drivers of these buses get a measly salary of only 11 thousand rupees and the conductors 5.5 thousand rupees per month. Their salary is paid to the management of the schools without being deposited in the bank account. Workers are harassed by the management. Various other tasks are done by them, said Swati Kerkar, the leader of the labor union.

What are the demands of Balrath employees?

– Need security that the work will continue
– Pay twelve months salary instead of ten months
– All employees should be paid equally
– Deposit the salary money directly into the bank account
– Need insurance, PF facility

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