Yavatmal: Murder of a youth who slapped his brother leader

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Yavatmal; Leading News Service: A drunken and ganja-addicted inn criminal abused a youth in Godown Fail area on Friday night. The young man told this matter to his brother and father at home. The entire family came to the streets to take revenge. Six people reached State Bank Chowk. As soon as the slapper was found at that place, six people fell upon him and beat him severely. He also stabbed himself with a knife. He died in this. This incident happened on Friday night. The six accused in this crime were arrested by the city police within a few hours after the incident.

The name of the dead youth is Chetan Babarao Chitriv (25, Res. Yavatmal). Chetan used to live in the godown fall area a few months back. Chetan has many serious crimes. A case of murder has been registered against him in Chandur Railway. Chetan always lived with criminals. On Friday, Chetan was walking around the godown fall area when he saw Sumit Sontakke. Chetan abuses him and threatens to kill him and puts it in Sumit’s ear.

After that Chetan left. Sumit went home and told his story. This enraged the Sontakke family, Rajesh Bhaurao Sontakke (49), Vinod Madhukarrao Sontakke (48), Rohit Gajanan Sontakke (23), Sumit Vinod Sontakke (19) and two other children affected by the ritual conflict went in search of Chetan to settle Chetan. They created a ruckus in front of Chetan’s son-in-law Ajay Domale’s vegetable shop in Ganesh Chowk, abused them. Later they all reached State Bank Chowk. At that place, Chetan was standing outside the liquor shop with a friend. Arguing there, directly attacked Chetan. He stabbed the hand in the stomach, back, chest with a knife. Chetan collapsed on the spot, his friend escaped from there. Meanwhile, Ajay Domale reached the spot and took Chetan to the government hospital on a two-wheeler with the help of a stranger. There the doctor declared Chetan dead. Under the guidance of Sub Divisional Officer Sanjay Pujjalwar, Thanedar Satish Chaware, Assistant Inspector Sanjay Atram, Jamadar Pradeep Naikwade, Milind Darekar, Ankush Fender, Kiran Padghan, Santosh Vyas, Bharat Rathod, Chintaman Dabhekar arrested the accused. Further investigation of the crime was handed over to Sub-Inspector Sasikiran Naukar. Four of the accused were produced in court and remanded in police custody till July 18. Two children have been sent to a juvenile home.

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