City: ‘Kedareshwar’ President Rishikesh Dhakne; Became the youngest president ever leader

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Bodhegaon : Leading News Service : Sangharsh Yoddha Babanrao Dhakne Rishikesh Prataprao Dhakne was elected as President of Kedareshwar Cooperative Sugar Factory and Madhavrao Bhivasen Kate as Vice President was elected unopposed on Tuesday. Dhakne has become the first in the history of a co-operative sugar mill in the state to become the youngest president. Election of Kedareshwar Cooperative Sugar Factory was held uncontested last month. A meeting of the board of directors was held at the factory workplace on Tuesday (20th) at 11 am for the election of president and vice president.

Director Pandurang Kakade proposed the name of Rishikesh Dhakne for the post of President. It was approved by Shivaji Jadhav. Sadashiv Darade proposed the name of Madhav Kate for the post of Vice President. It was approved by Rishikesh Dhakne. Since both of them have applications, Election Decision Officer P. H. Lokhande, Assistant Officer B. B. Sonwane, Aware, Vikhe announced the unopposed election of Dhakne and Kate.

Speaking at the felicitation ceremony after the election, the newly elected President Rishikesh Dhakne said, Babanrao Dhakne, the founder of the factory, a senior leader and former Union Minister, has built this factory with great difficulty. Adv. He literally shed blood for the interests of the factory and the members. However, the factory was not allowed to be sold. When the founders got an opportunity, they put the organization in trouble and exploited the farmers, sugarcane producers and members of this area. I will never forget this. So he will continue to work for the benefit of the factory till his last breath. He thanked the members for giving him the responsibility of such a big organization at a very young age.

Kedareshwar is a sugar factory of sugarcane workers members. Therefore, while making any decision here, the organization and its interests will definitely be taken keeping in mind the general members. President Dhakne assured that the faith of the members will not be broken. On this occasion, former President and Director Prataprao Dhakne, Chief Executive Officer Ashwin Kumar Gholve, In-charge Executive Director Ramesh Garje, Administrative Officer Popat Kedar, all the newly elected Board of Directors officers, employees and supporters were present. Ethanol project construction soon
We have to take many good decisions regarding Kedareshwar factory in future. President Rishikesh Dhakne said that the ethanol production project will be started soon and along with it we will also start the process in the production of by-products.

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