Disclosure of Chhagan Bhujbal’s Quit Shiv Sena; Said, ‘At that time..’ | leader

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Nagpur; Leading News Service: Basically I left Shiv Sena for OBCs. It was not easy to leave Shiv Sena during that time. Because there was a door to go in, not out. But I left Shiv Sena from Nagpur. Sharad Pawar was thinking of OBCs. That’s why I came with him, said former minister Chhagan Bhujbal today. A committee was formed under the chairmanship of Sumitra Mahajan to study OBCs. They had said that the data would have to be created, but it did not work. The second committee was formed under the chairmanship of Manmohan Singh, but even then the data work was not done. Former minister, NCP leader Chhagan Bhujbal explained today that the issue has been lingering since then.

He was talking to the media on the occasion of the completion of NCP’s OBC worker camp in Nagpur. Bhujbal said that Sameer Bhujbal had raised this issue in Parliament, many supported him. Sharad Pawar also supported it. But this crack did not go away.

The data that came in 2016 went to Modi. But he did not announce the figure. Devendra Fadnavis made a law, it did not last. In this regard, I had already said that it would not last and it did. The empirical data was done by his people sitting in an air-conditioned cabin. He said there is no OBC in Mumbai. So that law did not survive.

Now hastily prepared a report. But we do not accept that report. What BJP has done in Madhya Pradesh is incomplete. So the census should be done now. As SC, ST get funds, OBC should also get it. There was a demand in many states that a census should be taken of OBCs. We have the same demand. It must be completed, said Bhujbal.

Mahajyoti was given only Rs 50 crores while others were given above Rs 300 crores. Give it to them but also give it to us. Contract posts are now being filled. Either contract post should not be filled and if filled we should be given reservation in that too. Build hostels for OBCs. But it should not be on a private basis. Bhujbal demanded that if the children of Maratha and Dalit community do not have a hostel, they should give us seven thousand rupees per year.

Such a big train accident happened in Odisha. But no one resigned. Earlier, whenever there were railway accidents, those railway ministers resigned. This government is not sensitive. Bhujbal also asked how many people opposed the removal of Savitribai Phule’s statue from the Maharashtra House.

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