Ajit Pawar should be the Chief Minister of Maharashtra – Narahari Zirawal | leader

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Nashik, Leader News Service : At present, although the assembly elections in the state are long, the discussion for the post of the future chief minister has already started. On Sunday, the picture is seen that the Congress and NCP leaders are playing posters for the post of the future Chief Minister. On the other hand, NCP MLA Narahari Ziraval has expressed the opinion that Leader of Opposition Ajit Pawar should become the Chief Minister. So now who will be the next Chief Minister of Maharashtra? This discussion has arisen.

MLA Narahari Ziraval praised Ajit Pawar and spoke about his personality. Narahari Ziraval also spoke about what people coming from all over the state think about Ajit Pawar. At this time he said that many people say that Dada is hot. However, Dada is strict about work. So many people are in awe of them when they meet them. Ajit Pawar is a kind of discipline when it comes to work. Therefore, he also expressed his opinion that we should be stricter than Ajit Pawar while doing any work.

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