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Washington, D.C. News Agency: While Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Modi Visit USA) is in Washington, an important deal is coming true and Micron, a semiconductor manufacturing company, has decided to start an 80 crore dollar project in India. An agreement has been signed to start a project to manufacture F-414 fighter jet engines in India through GE Aerospace. Also, the US has decided to start advocacy in Bangalore and another city in India, while an agreement has also been reached to involve India’s ISRO in NASA’s lunar mission there. Now India is starting a joint ‘Mission Space’ with America. (PM Modi Visit USA)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Washington. There was good news for India and some important deals were done there before the deal was signed after talks with President Joe Biden.

Prime Minister Modi’s visit has brought some relief from the shortage of semiconductor chips currently facing India’s auto industry. While the whole world is worried about the availability of semiconductor chips, which are required in many things including vehicle manufacturing, India has moved ahead in semiconductor manufacturing, leaving China aside. On his arrival in Washington, Prime Minister Modi met Sanjay Mehrotra, CEO of the renowned Micron semiconductor chip maker. Prime Minister invited Micron Technology to promote semiconductor manufacturing in India. He noted that India can offer competitive advantages in various parts of the semiconductor supply chain. Shortly after this, Micron announced the launch of the project in India. Micron to invest 80 crores in India to start semiconductor project.

Dickerson of Applied Materials also visited (PM Modi Visit USA)

Prime Minister Modi met with Gary E., President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Applied Materials in Washington DC. Dickerson also met. The Prime Minister invited Applied Materials to contribute to strengthening the semiconductor ecosystem in India. The Prime Minister also appealed to Applied Materials to develop processing technology and advanced packaging capabilities in India. The Prime Minister and Dickerson discussed the potential of Applied Materials collaborating with educational institutions in India to create skilled manpower.

Contract to manufacture jet engines

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Chief Executive Officer of General Electric H. Meet Lawrence Culp, Jr. The Prime Minister praised General Electric for its long-term commitment to manufacturing in India. The Prime Minister and Kalp, Jr. discussed advanced technology collaboration with General Electric to boost manufacturing in India. The Prime Minister invited General Electric to play a major role in India’s aviation and renewable energy sectors. Soon after this, an agreement was signed with GE Aerospace to manufacture the F-414 fighter jet engine in India. GE will be implementing this project with Hindustan Aeronautics.

Use for Tejas aircraft

The deal with GE is going to be very important for India. The deal will enable India to produce the second generation of indigenously developed Tejas light fighter aircraft. In a press release issued by GE Aerospace, while informing about this agreement, it is said that President Biden and Prime Minister Narendra Modi made efforts to make this agreement a reality. The strength of these engines of the company will make a big difference in the performance of the fighter jets of the Indian Air Force.

Agreement between NASA and ISRO (PM Modi Visit USA)

India will participate in the US’s Artemis mission to the moon. According to the agreement between NASA and ISRO, India will participate in the 2024 mission to the International Space Station. The Artemis Agreement, which will enhance cooperation between the two countries in the space sector, will soon be signed.

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