Nagpur Thermal Power plant: Rada, Pro-Opponents Clash in Public Hearing Regarding New Power Plants in Koradi | leader

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Nagpur, Leading News Service: While 2190 MW electricity is already being generated in Koradi through Mahajanco, the proposal to start two new units of 1320 MW was met with opposition. In the same background, the public hearing today became stormy. On this occasion, Congress, environmentalists, Janamanch, who were opposing, on one side and BJP supporters, Prahar organization on the other, waged a slogan war. After some time the matter came to a head. The case was solved with timely intervention of the police. This project has become prestigious for Deputy Chief Minister and Power Minister Devendra Fadnavis and former Power Minister Chandrasekhar Bawankule.

Supporters and opponents clashed

For the past few days, there has been a demand for the cancellation of the public hearing to be held at Koradi in the sun today. However, Mahanirti maintained the role of doing power projects in this place as water, coal and railway systems were all there. So today the opposition is united. Congress MLAs Vikas Thackeray, Vishal Muttemwar, Sandesh Singalkar, Umakant Agnihotri were prominent among the protestors. Earlier, the office bearers of ‘Nagpur-Koradi Climate Crisis’ organization strongly opposed this project. Meanwhile, these detractors are outsiders. There is opposition only through politics. 90 percent of people in the area are in favor of the project. Rajesh Rangari, Municipal President of Mahadal claimed that 13 Gram Panchayats have passed resolutions in support. Officials of ‘Nagpur-Koradi Climate Crises’, an organization established by local villagers, various social and political organizations and environmentalists claimed that BJP Orange City will be known as ‘Cancer City’ on the back of the world.

Project dangerous

Already the potential of dry electricity generation is high in terms of population. While currently generating 2600 and 200 MW, again 660 MW in both units means that Nagpur city will soon surpass Chandrapur in terms of temperature and pollution, and will see patients from various diseases, including cancer, at every door. Opponents are presenting such a frightening situation. Interestingly, this proposal was brought by the then government in 2019 itself. At that time there was opposition to this project. Later Maha Vikas Aghadi government was formed. The issue of serious environmental pollution on Vidarbha due to these projects reached him. The then Environment Minister Aditya Thackeray accepted the point and the proposal was scrapped.

However, with the change of power, the state’s Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and former Power Minister Chandrasekhar Bawankule once again put forward this proposal. Such is the allegation of the opposition. Already, both the coal-fired thermal power plants have polluted the Kolar River and are mixing the same polluted water with the Kanhan River. Kanhan river supplies drinking water to Nagpur city, how many thousand tons of ash will be produced if 1320 MW of electricity is generated in both these sets with further increase? How are they going to destroy the ashes? The question is being raised.

Nowhere in the entire world does a city with a population of 3 million have 7,240 MW power generation projects. Then why this stubbornness in Nagpur city? Interestingly, 73 percent of the electricity generated from Koradi and Chandrapur is supplied to the industries and population of Western Maharashtra like Pune, Thane, Nashik.

Thermal power plants are not the only generators of electricity in western Maharashtra. Instead of increasing the pollution of Koradi and Vidarbha, why is the Deputy Chief Minister not taking this proposal to Western Maharashtra? He has warned to file an appeal in the court against this. Janamch president Rajiv Jagtap also opposed the project. President of Vidarbha Connect Adv. Mukesh Samarth, Secretary Dinesh Naidu, President of Vidarbha Environmental Action Group R. B. Goenka, Coordinator Sudhir Paliwal, Coordinator of Kisan Manch Pratap Goswami, Green Vigil Kaustubh Chatterjee, Coordinator of Maha Vidarbha Janjagaran Samiti Nitin Ronghe, Central of Nag Vidarbha Andolan Samiti. General Secretary Ahmed Kader, Secretary of Leverage Grill Co-operative Housing Sangh Rajesh Mantri, President of Kastakari Jan Andolan Vilas Bhongade, President of Green Planet Society Suresh Chopane, President of Srishti Priya Sanstha Sanjay Deshpande, Convener of National Kisan Coordination Committee Vivekananda Mayne etc demanded the government to reconsider this project. is

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