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Leaders Online Desk: Many scientists of the world are working day and night in search of aliens. So far there has not been much success in this direction, but every angle is being investigated to enable humans to face aliens in the future. According to scientists, if there is life outside the earth, sometimes aliens will send us signals from there. Scientists are making statements indicating that they will try to contact us. It is against this background that the aliens from Mars have sent a signal to the earth.

The talk of signals sent by aliens is very colorful. But this signal is said to have been sent not by any alien civilization but by humans. This signal has reached the earth in 16 minutes. According to a report, the European Space Agency’s (ESA) ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) sent an encoded message to Earth from Mars’ orbit at 9:00 pm on Wednesday. This message reached earth in 16 minutes. The purpose of ESA is to know what the situation will be when the alien’s message actually reaches us.

The project has been named as ‘A Sign in Space’ project. Daniela de Paulis, who played a leading role in this, said that receiving messages from aliens would be a profound and transformative experience for the entire human race. Daniela De Paulis is at SETI. Experts and scientists from around the world are working together to decode the message from TGO.

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