Sharad Pawar God! But still we support Ajit Pawar; Role of Solapur activists leader

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Solapur; Leading News Service: NCP leader and president Sharad Pawar is god for us. But we support the stand taken by NCP leader Ajit Pawar and we support him. NCP spokesperson Umesh Patil informed on Sunday that along with NCP MLAs in Solapur district, officials and activists are with Ajit Pawar.

NCP state spokesperson Umesh Patil supported Ajit Pawar’s stand by holding a press conference at the government rest house at Sat Rasta. Ajit Pawar’s supporters were present in large numbers on this occasion. After the press conference, cheers were burst and sweets were distributed.

Umesh Patil said, NCP has decided to go with BJP for the benefit of the country and the state. If there is a different government in the country and a government with different thinking in the state, the development of the state is hampered. In the country, there is not a single face in front of Narendra Modi in the entire country. Rather than leaving the affairs of the country in the hands of seventeen heads and seventeen thoughts, it is necessary to remain under a single-minded leadership like Narendra Modi.

On this occasion, former city president Santosh Pawar, youth president of the party Juber Bagwan, Manaji Mane of Mohol and others were present. Only Ajit Pawar supporters were present this time. NCP’s staunch supporters of Sharad Pawar were absent.

NCP belongs to Ajit Pawar

He refused to say that there was a split in the NCP and the NCP belongs to Ajit Pawar. They are the ‘founder’ of it. No matter how much a stick is hit in the water, only ripples rise. However, the water does not separate. Patil responded that NCP is one and the same.

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