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Sangli; Suresh Gudle: There have been major changes in the politics of Maharashtra in ten years. With one exception, the mighty Congress Party was at the center of power for fifty years. After 2014, however, a major upheaval began on the political stage of the country. Reasons why it happened are still happening today. But one thing happened, whatever the reasons may be, prominent people of many parties including Congress waited for BJP. In this background, we have to look at the political picture of the district.

After independence, the district continued to be known as a stronghold of the Congress. Even today, there is a huge crowd of people who believe in Yashwantrao Chavan, the sculptor of Maharashtra, Vasantdada Patil, the fortuneteller of the district. People are still behind Congress. Those who say Congress is over and will end are originally from Congress. He has changed the plaque on the door of the political house. This does not mean that the public has forgotten his political course. If you look into the house of BJP, you can see the chaos of leaders of Congress, NCP and other parties. So BJP is looking for political friends everywhere.

People were behind Congress. Since it was a Congress movement, since it was transformed into a party, the people have not left the hands of Congress. An important reason for this lies in economics. The cooperative movement changed the face of rural Maharashtra. Credit given to the common man. The common man was largely freed from moneylender scrutiny. The contribution of the cooperative movement in the district becoming Congress was great. Congress had a great success in making people believe that because of Congress, development takes place and the situation changes.

This is a brief political history. He was pierced by extravagantly ambitious, selfish Congress leaders. For short term political self-interest as well as out of fear, they joined the BJP. Whatever the reasons, many leaders prefer to stay in the safe zone.
Despite the political terror in this background, Jayant Patil, Swargwasi Patangrao Kadam, Swargwasi R.R. Patil has not left the party despite the bitter experience. In the recent past, there were rumors that he would leave the Congress and attack the NCP. It is well known what weapons the royal power has raised and is raising for that. There is a lot of discussion on social media. The number of leaders and activists who were sitting on the fence against the backdrop of terror and political turmoil was remarkable. In such a situation Karnataka Congress achieved unprecedented success in electoral politics. So Congressmen in Kumbhakarni Jhapa woke up. Most importantly, the morale of the Congressmen increased.

In Sangli district, the young generation like Vishwajit Kadam, Vishal Patil, Prithviraj Patil, Vikram Sawant got a revival due to Karnataka. Karnataka gave a hand to give confidence that the Congress will not leave but rather strengthen it. A Mahanirdhar Mela was held in Sangli in the presence of Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah. It had a significant attendance. This gathering was held with the aim of the Assembly and Lok Sabha elections. It will not be hasty to say that because of this meeting, the movement in the Congress has stopped. Such gatherings help to screen defections. Gayaram will stay in the party. People on the fence can find faith. It can be said that the good day of Congress started with the increase in morale. Maha Mela created a favorable environment for Congress. The horse-field still has some time left, until such time the atmosphere has to be maintained.

The most credit of the gathering is Dr. To Vishwajit Kadam. He expended all his energies to make the gathering a success. His speech was also to the point. There was no unnecessary aggravation. Strategic planning was felt from his speech.
Congress state level leaders including Vishal Patil, Prithviraj Patil, Vikram Sawant also praised Vishwajit’s leadership qualities. (Self) Dr. He has the political legacy of Patangrao Kadam. Overcame many difficulties, but Patangrao did not waver. He never left Congress. It is now the responsibility of Dr. Vishwajit Kadam is on. The coming time is a test. His concerted efforts to maintain unity in the Congress and join hands with the BJP can be seen at present.

The most important event in the gathering was Vishal Patil’s salute to Vishwajit Kadam. He assured that you lead, we are with you. He said that only Congress can defeat Congress, no one else. Now of course it is Vishal’s responsibility to act keeping this in mind. He also gave a confession that some mistakes were made, now they will not be repeated. It should be noted that his language was of a different kind in the recent market committee elections. Now there is no alternative to recognizing the steps of the political era, maintaining unity, not making compromises and fighting together. Another thing is that not just waking up for the election, but keeping in mind that there are elections every day, we have to maintain good public relations. The people are not going to be thirsty or digging wells. This party has created the identity of BJP as a party which is always ready for elections. That much is enough. The speech was a blast, but not enough. (Self) Vasantdada Patil has the challenge of proving his legacy through action.

Prithviraj Patil also has the legacy of Sahakar Maharshi Gulabrao Patil. His Dr. Vishwajit Kadam has support. Vishwajit’s all kinds of strength is great. They should lead. Prithviraj’s language is to give strong support to Vishwajit for the strengthening of Congress, to reach the power ladder again. The implication is that the determination of unity has been expressed by targeting the Vidhan Sabha, Lok Sabha. Leadership has been determined.

Dr. Vishwajit Kadam

Great strength of all kinds
A powerful legacy of kite flying
Soft-spoken, cool PR
Friendly relations with all party leaders at the state level
Proximity to the Gandhi family
The power to strengthen the party
A tradition of strong networks of activists
Aware of changing political definitions, procedures
A leader in employment, medical and educational assistance
Need to increase meetings of workers
Effective media management

Vishal Patil

Historical legacy of Vasantdada family
The need for diplomacy in tactics
Activists who respect Dada family
Revival of Dada group is necessary
Great need to increase public relations
The challenge of increasing workers in local organizations
The challenge of increasing the reputation of sugar factories, educational institutions
Recognizing the political times, the urgency of standing firm on unity
Back in media management

Prithviraj Patil

Gulabrao Patil’s legacy
A network of activists
Contributed to keeping Congress active in Sangli
Activism in political programs
Attempts to divert Hindutva vote bank
Precision in media management
More efforts are needed to raise the image

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