NCP Crisis: The Naik family of Pusad also left Sharad Pawar’s support leader

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Prashant Bhagwat: Umarkhed

: The Naik family of Pusad, who have been with NCP president Sharad Pawar since the formation of NCP, have gone with rebel Ajit Pawar, showing no confidence in Sharad Pawar. Pusad NCP MLA Indranil Manohar Naik has supported Ajit Pawar. As a result, the NCP crisis has become a problem in the district.

The Naik clan of Pusad in Yavatmal district is known as NCP loyalist. After Pawar went to Delhi, he handed over the reins of the state to Sudhakarrao Naik. His younger brother Manohar Naik was also a NCP loyalist. He was given a place in the cabinet by the party. In the 2019 assembly elections, NCP nominated his son Indranil Naik instead of Naik and he won.

Looking at the relationship between Naik gharana and Sharad Pawar, it was predicted that this gharana would stay with Pawar after the split in NCP. But Manohar Naik and his son and MLA Indranil Naik decided to go with rebel Ajit Pawar. Indranil, who became the first MLA in 2019, was aspiring for ministerial post when the Maha Vikas Aghadi came to power in the state. However, NCP did not give them a chance. It was said that he was upset because of that. Even earlier, Nilay Naik from the Naik family left the NCP and joined the BJP. Currently, he is a member of the Legislative Council.

Speaking to the media in this regard, Manohar Naik said, only MLAs are not working to develop the constituency. For that, power addition is also important. After thinking about this, I decided to go with Ajit Pawar. However, Sharad Pawar is our leader and respect for him remains.

Importance of Naik family

The Naik family of Pusad in Yavatmal district has an important place in the politics of Maharashtra. This family has been holding the Pusad assembly constituency since 1952. Vasantrao Naik and Sudhakarrao Naik have been given two Chief Ministers by this family to Maharashtra. Yashwantrao Chavan, the first Chief Minister of Maharashtra, and then Sharad Pawar had very close relations with these families.

If funds are needed for the development of the constituency, it is necessary to stay with the power. Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar has decided to go with them after being assured about the funds.

– Indranil Naik, MLA Pusad

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