In Sangamner taluka from ‘this’ date rain will come from east : Punjabrao Dakh | Sangamner Rain Update | leader

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Sangamner; Leading News Service: Due to the rains in Sangamner taluk a few days ago, the farmers had sown Kharipa. But the farmers of the taluk were worried because it was not raining. Therefore, well-known meteorologist Punjabrao Dakh has predicted that rain will come from the east in Sangamner taluka during the period of July 12 to 15.

A farmers meeting was organized on behalf of Kisan Tractor at Sangamner. Dakh Ek while guiding this farmers’ meeting said that it rained in different corners of Maharashtra. But there was no rain in Ahmednagar district and Sangamner taluk. Due to this, the farmers were afraid that the kharif sowing done by the farmers would be wasted. So the farmer king was worried.

Rain will fall between 12th and 15th July 2023 to give life to the Kharipa sowing done by the farmers of Sangamner taluk. After a break of three days, rain will come again between July 18 and July 23. In Nagar district especially the rains coming from the east are important for the farmers in the Nagar district. Both the rains coming now will come from the east. So the farmers of Sangamner taluka along with Ahmednagar district need not worry now. There is going to be a lot of rain and this rain is going to wipe out all the crops left by the farmers. Therefore, there is no need for farmers to worry, weather expert Punjabrao Dakh said.

Cold starts from October : Dakh

This year, there will be good rain till October, so there is no need for the farmers to panic and after the month of October, it will really start getting cold, said senior meteorologist Punjabrao Dagh while talking to the reporters at Sangamner.

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