Sangli: Extortion of 9.37 lakhs on the pretext of crypto currency leader

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Sangli, leading news service: A person was defrauded of Rs. 9 lakh 37 thousand 250 through net banking on the pretext of paying rether in crypto currency. This type d. Happened on November 21, 2022. In this case, Nilesh Vilas Shah has filed a complaint in Sangli city police station. A case has been registered against Savankumar Jagdishbhai Bhati (Rest. Surat, Gujarat). Nilesh Shah lives in North Shivajinagar.

The suspect and Shah started talking to give the currency called rether in crypto currency. On November 21, 2022, suspect Bhati called Shah’s phone. An amount of Rs 9 lakh 37 thousand 250 was withdrawn from the accounts of Federal Bank, Karad Urban Bank and HDFC Bank through netbanking by stating that the said rether challan was sent to the finance app. In return for the amount, he cheated by not sending 11 thousand 500 units of currency in crypto currency at 81.50 per currency to Shah’s finance app. Even after receiving the money for several months, he still did not receive the currency, when he contacted the suspect Bhati, he refused. As soon as the fraud was noticed, Shah filed a complaint in the Sangli city police station. According to his prosecutor, a case has been registered against Savankumar Bhati.

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