3 railway officials arrested in Balasore train accident case; Accused of defective manpower and destruction of evidence | leader

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New Delhi; Leading News Service: The CBI on Friday arrested three railway officials in connection with the June 2 fatal train accident at Balasore in Odisha. Their names are Arun Kumar Mahant (Senior Section Engineer), Mohammad Amir Khan (Section Engineer) and Pappu Kumar (Technician). All three are charged with culpable homicide and destruction of evidence.

Sources say that the accident happened due to the negligence of these three. Sources have also claimed that all the three accused knew that a major accident could happen due to their carelessness. The Commissioner of Railway Safety, who investigated the accident, had last week blamed human error on the part of signaling department staff for the accident. More than 293 people died and more than 1,000 were injured in the Balasore accident.

The Balasore disaster inquiry report has pointed out that multiple levels of error in the signal and telecommunication department contributed to the accident. Had it not been for the fault in the signal circuit diagram, 293 passengers would not have lost their lives. The report has recommended 14 precautions to be taken to prevent future accidents due to this.

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