Samriddhi will break the series of accidents on the highway; Determination of Janakrosh Sanstha | leader

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Nagpur, Leader News Service : JanAkrosh, a social organization, has taken the initiative to break the series of accidents on the Samriddhi Highway of Hindu Heart Emperor Balasaheb Thackeray. In order to find out the causes of accidents on Samridhi Highway and also to create awareness among the motorists, Janakrosh has decided to visit Nagpur near Nagpur on Samriddhi Highway every Wednesday and study the situation there.

A 40-member team led by Public Agitation Secretary Ravi Kaskhedikar visited the Samriddhi Highway and studied the road condition and other factors contributing to accidents. The study tour was organized in the wake of the recent accident involving the death of 25 people in Buldana district. During the study period, truck drivers were found not to wear seat belts while driving, as well as car drivers and back seat passengers. The study showed that many vehicles had old tires that caused them to burst. Under the traffic education program of Janakrosh, all motorists were requested to wear seat belts.

Also, when traveling on good quality cement roads, always fill tires with 10 percent less nitrogen, take rest every 2 hours to avoid road hypnosis, follow speed limit norms, strictly follow lane rules, etc. Leaflets were also distributed. Former Chikhli MLA Bonde was present. He appreciated the public outcry for traffic education to reduce road accidents. He expressed the belief that if the users of Samriddhi Highway strictly follow the road discipline, the number of accidents will be reduced to a great extent and many lives will be saved.

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