Excitement due to the discovery of a dead body in the valley of Amboli Ghat leader

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Amboli; Leading News Service: An unidentified body was found in a ravine around 200 feet deep today, Tuesday (June 20th) around 7 pm at the place where the crevasse collapsed in Amboli Ghat. However, it is a dangerous and deep part of the dead valley. Also, as it was late in the evening, the body will be taken out of the valley tomorrow (21st) by carrying out a rescue operation. Amboli Police has given this information.

Meanwhile, a villager who was returning from Sawantwadi to Chokul saw an unidentified body stuck in the valley around 7 pm at the place where the crevasse collapsed in Amboli Ghat. The villagers informed the Amboli police about this. The police immediately rushed to the spot and inspected the place.

At this time, the police found an unknown body stuck in the valley. Amboli rescue team was also called immediately. However, since that part of the valley is very deep and dangerous and it is night, carrying out a rescue operation can be risky. Therefore, the rescue team informed that they will carry out a rescue operation tomorrow (21st) morning and take out the dead bodies. So tomorrow, when the rescue team takes out the body from the valley, it will be clear who exactly it belongs to. Also, how long ago the body was found and how it came to the valley will be investigated. The dead body will be taken out tomorrow in the presence of Amboli Police, Sawantwadi Police.

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