Kolhapur : In case of flood situation, respond to administration’s appeal : Deputy Superintendent Salvi | leader

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Kurundwad; Leading News Service: Even though it is raining heavily at present, it is not a disaster. The villagers have experienced the floods of 2019 and 2021. Ichalkaranji Deputy Superintendent of Police Sameer Singh Salvi appealed to the villagers and citizens to evacuate themselves along with livestock along with worldly materials at the right time and cooperate with the administration in case of sudden flood situation.

Meanwhile, in case of sudden flood situation, do not try to cross the river to get out of it. This can cause loss of life. Your life is precious. The government has organized all-inclusive facilities at the migration sites. Deputy teacher Salvi made an emotional appeal not to migrate carelessly.

Deputy Superintendent Salvi was speaking in a review meeting at Khidrapur Gram Panchayat when he came to inspect the flood-affected areas like Majrewadi, Akiwat, Rajapur, Rajapurwadi, Khidrapur across the river under the jurisdiction of Kurundwad Police Station. Police Inspector Balaji Bhange of Kurundwad Police Station, Sarpanch Sarika Kadam, Amit Kadam, Irshad Mujawar etc were present.

Speaking on this occasion, he said, the police administration has taken vigilance from the point of view that floods do not cause loss of life and money. It was suggested that the drivers-owners of the three villages should hold a meeting and decide the appropriate transport rates through the regional authorities for the vehicles required for the migration of the villagers.

The electricity distribution company in this area took information from the officials of the Gram Panchayat Revenue Department about the flood relief plans. On this occasion, Basgonda Patil, Ramgonda Patil, Ganesh Pakhere etc. presented suggestions. Villagers of all four villages, Talathi, Sanjay Patil, Kuldeep Kadam, Dr. Manoj Mokashi, Danu Patil, Dada Khan Mokashi, Jahangir Sanadi, Dayanand Mane, Hidayat Mujawar and other villagers were present on this occasion.

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