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Nagpur; Leading News Service: Even after six months have passed since the Samruddhi Expressway was opened by Balasaheb Thackeray, Samruddhi Expressway, accidents are happening every day and lives are being lost. The fact that essential medical facilities, not even primary facilities, cannot provide immediate treatment was clearly evident after today’s gruesome accident. It is very serious that there is no fire station within 200 kms directly after leaving Nagpur. If a vehicle catches fire, passengers have no choice but to burn to death. This terrible reality has come forward. President of Nagpur Travels Association Baba Davre expressed the opinion that it is necessary for the state government to set up a fire and rescue center at a certain distance on the Samriddhi Highway while talking to ‘Pudhari’.

Samruddhi Expressway was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 11 December 2022. Within fifteen days after the inauguration, the first fatal accident occurred on December 28 around 1:30 pm. Both died in this. Four serious accidents took place within a month in which 16 people were injured. 20 people were injured in five minor accidents. Thus a series of accidents started on this highway.

A demand came forward regarding taking measures to prevent accidents. Highway hypnosis also came forward as an important reason. The opposition continuously demanded measures to be taken. The state government took steps for remedial measures. Transport, Roads, Security Departments started working. Police inspected Shirdi to Nagpur Samriddhi Highway. A joint meeting of RTO officials and MSRDC officials was held to discuss the necessary measures to prevent accidents. It was discussed about setting up of counseling centers for drivers at eight places, one in each district between Nagpur-Shirdi along with tire check at the time of departure of vehicles. However, today there are no aid stations or fire stations on this route. In the wake of today’s horrific accident, the issue of a fire station at a certain distance also came up. If a vehicle burns in this interval, there is no option but to wait for one to one and a half hours. In such a situation, there is a possibility that passengers will lose their lives. In the absence of a help center, in case of an accident, it is impossible to treat the passengers in time, so there is a possibility of innocent victims.

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