Beed: Eicher Tampo driver robbed in Dhayguda Pimpla Shiwar; The driver was stabbed with a sword leader

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Ambajogai, Leader News Service : An Eicher tempo driver coming from Ahmedpur stopped the tempo near Durdarshan Kendra on the Dhayguda Pimpla to Parli road and stopped for a short time. Meanwhile, three people who came on the Shine train stabbed the driver with a sword and robbed him of one thousand rupees. After the injured driver informed Syed Afroz of Dhayguda Pimpla, he along with his friend intercepted the bike of the three thieves. But two of them managed to escape. This incident happened on Friday (30th) at 7.30 pm. One person has been handed over to the rural police and a case has been registered against these three.

Janardhan Uttam Bhoke from Warvati was the driver on Eicher Tempo from Ahmedpur. The tempo was filled with liquid and was going to town. On the road from Pimpla Dhayguda to Parli Durdarshan Kendra opened near Tempo Road and came down for Lagushanka. After that, three people who came on a Shine two-wheeler started stabbing with knives and swords. The concerned driver pleaded not to beat him. However, one of them snatched one thousand rupees and a mobile phone from his pocket and stabbed him on the leg with a knife. And the three of them left for Dhayguda Pipanla on a shine car with no number. One of them was found by a friend of the driver, but the other two escaped. The village police have seized two wheels, a knife, a mobile phone and one thousand rupees from the accused along with him. A case has been registered against him in the rural police and the next assistant police inspector Rajendra Ghuge is doing it.

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