Jalgaon: Heavy rain in Tapi source area, 24 gates of Hatnoor dam opened leader

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Jalgaon: The level of Hatnur Dam has risen due to heavy rains in the catchment area of ​​the rivers Tapi and Purna and in the catchment area of ​​Hatnur Dam. Therefore, 24 gates of the dam have been opened by 1.50 m. Therefore, water is being discharged in the riverbed at a rate of 75,543.00 cusecs per second.

This year’s rainy season, the month of July is almost over, but the district has not received satisfactory rainfall. Farmers are still waiting for heavy rains. However, due to the rains in Madhya Pradesh, where the Tapi River originates, the inflow of water into the Hatnoor Dam has increased to a large extent. Due to this, water is being released from the dam in a phased manner and 24 gates of Hatnur Dam have been opened by 1.50 meters. 75,543.00 cusecs of waste has been released into Tapi river basin. Against this backdrop, the administration has warned the villages on the banks of the Tapi River to be alert and urged them not to leave their cattle in the river bed and human beings not to enter the flood waters.

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