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Pune; Leading News Service: The second phase of Mahametro in Pune has been completed and the metro is now ready for the inauguration of this phase. Mahametro had earlier inaugurated the first phase by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Now will the inauguration of the second phase also be done by the Prime Minister himself? Such a question has been raised at present. Because Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be honored with the Lokmanya Tilak Award in Pune on August 1 next month.

He will come to Pune to accept this award. There is talk that the Prime Minister will inaugurate development projects in the city at that time. It is likely that the Prime Minister will inaugurate the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana and the second phase of the Metro in the city.

The first phase of Metro from Vanaj to Garware College and PCMC to Phugewadi has been completed. It was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi amid great fanfare. Now the metro is running on the first phase route and passengers are also traveling. Now the second phase of the metro, Garware College to Ruby Hall Metro Station and Phugewadi to Shivajinagar Bhuyari Metro Station has been completed.

Preparations are in full swing by the administration…

Preparations are being made on a war footing by the metro administration to start the second phase of the metro. Efforts are also being made by the Metro to obtain the CSMR certificate required for safety and this certificate will also be obtained by the Metro soon. Therefore, there is a possibility that the second phase of the metro will be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The work of Swargate station is 70 percent complete

The work of Swargate Metro Station, standing at a very important location in the city, is now 70 percent complete. Metro is making fast efforts to complete it immediately. Swargate is the focal point of the city and is known as the heart of Pune. Lakhs of citizens and vehicles pass through this place every day. A major station of the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation is also located here. PMP also used to have a big station at this place.

Currently, a metro station is being constructed at this place. However, most passengers of PMP travel from this place. A huge commercial station (multi-modal hub) of Metro is being constructed by the Metro administration on the sites of both these stations. The station is underground and the upper floors will be used for commercial purposes. His work is now nearing completion. Even the citizens of Pune don’t go ahead without stopping here and looking at this station out of curiosity. The underground work of Swargate station is now complete and the elevated construction is now underway. The elevated work of four to five floors has been completed and it will soon be open for Pune residents. After this station, the traffic congestion in Swargate area will be reduced.

Such is the station

  • Last station on underground route from Pimpri (Underground)
  • Length of Station : 180 Meters
  • Width : 24 meters
  • Station of ST, PMP above the station
  • Provision of cycle, rickshaw, two-wheeler, pedestrian tracks
  • Eight escalators, elevators, air-conditioned stations

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