In Bhor city, the nuisance of road-rommers increased, action was demanded; Demand of students and parents leader

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Bhor (Pune), Leader News Service: The nuisance of Roadromians has increased on Bhor roads, lanes, entrances of schools, colleges, ST bus stands etc. Therefore, students and parents are demanding that the police should take action against the road users.

At present, schools and colleges have started. Many female students from rural areas are coming to Bhor city for education by ST buses or private vehicles available. However, it has been pointed out that these students have to bear the hardships of roadromies. While entering or leaving school, college, students are being driven by two-wheelers at high speed, honking horns, harassing outside schools and colleges, chasing them to ST bus stand. Many times clashes have also taken place between two groups of roadromians. Therefore, there is a feeling of insecurity among the students while coming and going to school. Parents are also worried. Therefore, students should be able to come to schools and colleges without fear. In order not to disturb them, there is a need to arrange the roads. It is being demanded by the parents that police should form special teams and teach roadromiyas a good lesson both at the time of school and college opening and closing.

Demand for mobile phone thieves

Crime in Bhor city has increased significantly in the last few months. In the past three to four months, murders have also taken place in broad daylight in the city. Investigation of many crimes takes time. There is a discussion among the citizens about the increase in illegal and illegal businesses in the rural areas as well. However, it is being pointed out that the Bhor police are neglecting this. Currently, mobile phone thieves have been rampant in the market for weeks. For this, the citizens along with the school students are demanding that plainclothes police should be appointed in the market for weeks and arrest the mobile phone thieves.

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