Opposition to appointment of retired teachers; Bapusaheb Tambe’s warning of intense agitation across the state leader

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City : Leader News Service : Bapusaheb Tambe, district president of Maharashtra State Primary Teachers’ Association, has alleged that the decision taken by the Maharashtra government to temporarily appoint retired teachers on vacant posts on salary is very wrong and is a crooked plan to deprive children of Marathi schools from education. Tambe said, many posts of teachers and graduate teachers are vacant in Zilla Parishad and the government should fill them immediately. Today, when a large number of highly educated unemployed youths in the state are getting employment opportunities for youths who have been waiting for a job for years, how did the government take this decision? There is a lot of discussion about this in the society.

Vacant posts of teachers should be filled immediately
As the standard and quality of primary schools in Zilla Parishad is increasing and the trend of English medium students towards Marathi medium schools, it is necessary to fill the vacant posts of teachers immediately. But the government is delaying the recruitment of teachers by issuing new circulars every day, which is very worrying in terms of education.

No teacher for English and Maths
Around 250 posts of graduate teachers are vacant in Ahmednagar Zilla Parishad and teachers are not available for children for English and Mathematics. Due to this, the fear of affecting the number of upper primary schools has increased.

In the mindset of parents to send their children to private schools
In many schools, both posts of graduate teachers are vacant. Therefore, parents are in the mindset of sending students from Zilla Parishad schools to private schools. As a result, there is a fear of closure of upper primary classes.

Unnecessary tasks for principals
There are nearly four and a half hundred vacancies of sub-teachers in primary schools in the district. 125 posts in Urdu medium are also vacant. Due to this, the teaching of the schools is affected and the principal is already neglecting the classroom due to continuous online unnecessary work and meetings.

What to do with thousands of unemployed DED youth?
Tambe has also asked that if retired teachers are appointed on vacant posts on salary, thousands of unemployed Ded youths who have been waiting for a job for years will be deprived of their jobs.

Educated unemployed will teach quality
Educated unemployed people will do quality teaching work and help improve the quality of Marathi school children. Therefore, if the government does not withdraw this decision, a strong agitation will be launched across the state, a warning has been given through the press release.

Datta Patil Kulat, Rajkumar Salve, Gokul Kalamkar, Rajendra Sadgir, Sahebrao Anap, Vidyatai Adhav, Anjali Mule, Vitthal Funde, Sakhahari Date, Manoj Sonwane, Satyawan Mehre, Vijay Thange, R.T. Sable, Santosh Dusunge, Arjun Shirasath, Vijay Narwade, Aba Dalvi, Narayan Pise, Baba Kharat, Na.Chi.Shinde, Sharad Sudrik, Aspak Sheikh, Sandeep Thange etc. have signatures.

Bapusaheb Tambe, while criticizing the policy, expressed fear that the appointment of retired teachers as contract teachers without recruiting teachers on full salary is another ploy to not recruit teachers in the future.

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