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Riyadh, news agency: Saudi Arabia is known as the land of Mecca and Medina. Other religions were once deprived of residence in this country. The winds of religious freedom have begun to blow in Saudi Arabia after Prince Salman assumed power, along with many other changes. The Mecca-Madinah pilgrimage of Muslims is a right, but now a religious pilgrimage of Christians and Jews has also started in Saudi Arabia.

A class of Christians and Jews from around the world are now making this pilgrimage to a deserted beach in Saudi Arabia. Christian brothers are reading this Bible looking at the top of Mount Sinai. Of course according to most people, Mount Sinai is in Egypt; But there is also a large section among both religions who believe that he is not in Egypt but in Saudi Arabia.

This class believes that God gave the 10 commandments (Ten Commandments) mentioned in the Bible (Old Testament) from the top of Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia.

Until recently there was a complete ban on openly practicing other religions in Saudi Arabia. Fundamentalists are unsettled by the pilgrimages to Saudi Arabia for Christians and Jews under Prince Salman. Prince Salman, however, has also seen this as an opportunity for economic development of the country. At the core of his vision is concern about what will happen to Saudi Arabia when it runs out of oil, while the country’s hardliners are uneasy.

Saudi Sub Key…

A meeting of Buddhist monks, even a Jewish rabbi!

Prince Mohammed bin Salman took power in 2015, and religious fundamentalism in Saudi Arabia has been on the wane.
He removed the restrictions on women driving. Last year in 2022, a religious meeting of Buddhist monks was also held in Saudi.

Medina was visited by Jewish tourists. A Jewish man from Riyadh has also declared himself the chief rabbi (cleric) of Saudi Arabia.

Of course, even today in Saudi, other religions are not legally allowed to promote their religion, to follow their religion in public. Others are allowed to convert to Islam; But leaving Islam is not allowed.

Sinai not in Egypt, but in Saudi; A new claim

Mount Sinai is called Tur e Sina in verse number 20 of ‘Surah Al Momineen’ of the Holy Quran. God had appeared to Prophet Moses (Hazrat Musa Alaissalam) on Mount Sinai.

More recently, the Doubting Thomas Research Foundation and defense expert Ryan Morrow have concluded that the Mount Sinai associated with Moses is in Saudi Arabia. Later Saudi has also started preparing to build a new city in this area and has invested 500 billion dollars.

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