Solapur: Bogus doctor in Karmala police custody leader

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Caramel; Leading News Service: Karmala police has arrested a bogus doctor who was doing medical business illegally in Karmala city. The name of the suspected accused doctor is Nikhil Biswas (age 68 of Mahindranagar Karmala). In this case, the Medical Officer of the Upazila Hospital, Dr. Gajanan Uttamrao Gunjkar (age 42, Shivajinagar) has filed a complaint.

More information about this is that Nikhil Biswas is a bogus doctor who has been doing medical business illegally since June 1, 2012 by starting Kamlai Clinic in Gala opposite Gene Maidan in Karmala city. Police raided Kamlai Clinic today after getting information about this. At this time Biswas was found to be practicing medical profession illegally without any license. At this time, the materials used for the operation, medicines of various companies, pills, saline, medical materials worth 9 thousand 921 rupees were seized.

Accused Biswas was treating patients by pretending to be a real doctor without having a license to run a clinic in Karmala city. Also on the prescription pad Dr. S. H. Mahajan, Dr. Mrs. S. S. He was defrauding the patients by running the clinic under his name without taking his prior permission by dropping his names. Dr Gajanan Gujankar has filed a complaint against him on behalf of the government. Accordingly, a case was registered against him and the police detained him. Assistant Police Inspector MN Jagdale is conducting further investigation in this regard on the order of Police Inspector Jyotiram Gunjwate.

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