Complaint of MLA Pratibha Dhanorkar to Principal Secretary against privatization of water supply scheme leader

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Chandrapur; Leading News Service: Congress MLA Pratibha Dhanorkar today (5th) filed a written complaint against the proposed privatization of water supply scheme in Chandrapur Municipal Corporation. This complaint was given in a meeting held in the office of Govind Raj, Principal Secretary, Urban Development Department in the Ministry. Chandrapur Municipal Corporation Commissioner Vipin Paliwar, former Jan Vikas Sena corporator Pappu Deshmukh and former Congress corporator Gopal Amritkar were present in this meeting along with MLA Dhanorkar.

The former corporators of other parties, except the BJP, alleged that the water supply scheme was being privatized by the Varora-Bhadravati Assembly Constituency Municipal Corporation. Complaining to the municipal commissioner, the former corporators staged a one-day sit-in and hunger strike in front of the municipal building at Gandhi Chowk against the proposed privatization of the water supply department scheme. After that, MLA Pratibha Dhanorkar called the former corporators of all parties who opposed the privatization of water supply scheme for a discussion. He also promised the agitators to arrange a meeting with the Principal Secretary.

In a meeting with the Principal Secretary of the Urban Development Department today, MLA Dhanorkar demanded the withdrawal of the proposed privatization of water supply scheme in Chandrapur city. MLA Dhanorkar pointed out to the Secretary that it is the responsibility of Amrit’s contractor to test the Amrit water supply scheme for one year after completion of the work. The previous General Assembly and the Standing Committee of the Municipal Corporation have decided to run the water supply scheme by appointing the manpower on contract basis. For the past three years, the municipality has been working to run the scheme by supplying manpower. Meanwhile, a tender was published for running the entire water supply scheme. In this meeting, MLA Dhanorkar demanded that the municipality is trying to privatize the water supply scheme and cancel the contract drawn for privatization.

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