Maharashtra Political Crisis : If you lie, you are not Pawar’s children: Ajit Pawar leader

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Mumbai; Leading News Service: Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar today blasted the reverse decisions taken by his uncle Sharad Pawar from the ‘Pulod’ experiment in 1978 to the years 2014 and 2019. In 2014, senior leaders (Pawar) decided to support the BJP from outside. Asked to go to the swearing-in ceremony. If you didn’t want to go with the BJP, why did you send it to the swearing-in ceremony? Questioning this, he revealed that in 2017 there was a discussion to join hands with BJP. In 2019, government formation was discussed with BJP leaders at a businessman’s house; But suddenly changed and asked to go with Shiv Sena. Earlier Shiv Sena was communalist. She suddenly stopped being communal and how did BJP become communal? He also asked such a tough question.

Why has this time come to NCP? All of us for so long… I remember all while working in political life I was prepared under the umbrella and guidance of Sahib. has happened There is no doubt in my mind about them. Sharad Pawar is a place of faith for all of us. Each of us has the same opinion; But one thing we have to note… the overall politics that is going on at the national and state level today! After all why do we form a party?

For the development of the people… the party works for justice for all castes and religions in India. Dr. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s dream of Hindu Swarajya was that people of all castes and religions should celebrate the constitution given by Babasaheb Ambedkar. We are working to realize that dream in democracy. I will not go too far back, our senior leaders started in 1962. Became Minister of State in 1972 while still a student, Minister in 1975; But in 1978 a similar incident occurred and at that time our senior leaders sidelined Vasantdada Patil’s government and formed ‘Pulod’ in 1978. Sharad Pawar was 38 years old at that time. Since that day, Maharashtra has supported. We came into political life. We all supported. 1978 is gone. 1980s came. 1980 saw the wave of Indiraji again. ‘Pulod’ was involved in the Jana Sangh… which is now the BJP. Uttamrao Patil was in the cabinet. Other farmers were also leaders of the Labor Party. Ganapatrao was Deshmukh. All of you have joined the Congress. Govt. Elections were held.

Indira Gandhi became the Prime Minister of the country in 1977 after Emergency. Where is the Janata Party that was elected at the national level in 77? One has to find… That party did not have a leader with charisma. Mentioned 80 in the period after him. In 1985, at that time, Pawar formed different parties like Parallel Congress and Samajwadi Congress. We all supported. What about 85 years after that? Again we went to the opposition parties. Friends, everyone has their time. Each of my women sitting here, each young man has a time of elders. We can work optimally from about the age of 25 to 75. There is a determination to do something for the society, it does not happen in everyone’s case. But I don’t know what happened while all this was happening. We were told, on December 8, 1986, now Sambhajinagar erstwhile Aurangabad… merged with the Samajwadi Congress on the ground there. Why did it happen? Was it decided by the leaders? For two years the leaders did not get a position; But in 1988, Rajiv Gandhi gave the post of Chief Minister when he was the Prime Minister. Stayed in Congress from 1988 to 90. Elections were held again in 1990. It did not come with an absolute majority. Independents supported. In 1991, politics changed. Baramatikars made an activist like me an MP. At that time an unfortunate incident happened and Rajiv Gandhi passed away and there was a wave.

In that P. V. Narasimha Rao had to become the Prime Minister. 1991 p. V. Narasimhrao said, Pawar, come to the center! At that time, Pawar went to the Center as the Defense Minister. Bomb blasts followed. Maharashtra is on fire, you go back to Maharashtra. Unfortunately in 1995 our government went. Manohar Joshi, Narayan Rane became Chief Ministers. We saw that time. When the elections were held in 1999, the Congress was united. Then said that Sonia Gandhi is a foreigner. He said that a foreigner cannot become the Prime Minister. we heard On June 10, 1990, Chhagan Bhujbal took the initiative. Elections were held within four months after this. At that time, Bhujbal did the work of playing the entire field. Then R. R. Patil, Sunil Tatkare, Jayant Patil, I, we were all young. We wanted to do something. Sujalam-Suflam was to form Maharashtra; But at that time we got only 58 seats. Congress won 75 seats without leadership in the state. Vilasrao Deshmukh became Chief Minister. Chhagan Bhujbal became Deputy Chief Minister. We all worked in the cabinet. I got accounts of only seven districts in the first term. I got the account.

Now Maharashtra knows whether I have control over the administration or not

Maharashtra knows whether I have control over the administration or not. I have never played caste-based politics. Works from morning to late night. Why all this Maharashtra? It should be recognized as the number one state in the country in all fields. 71 MLAs were elected in 2004. 69 Congress MLAs came. I did not have such a big important position in 2004. At that time Sonia Gandhi told Vilasrao Deshmukh. They have got the most seats. Now they have to give us the post of Chief Minister. At that time Vilasrao told us, who will be among you now; But missed the opportunity that brought 4 more ministers at that time. Had this opportunity been taken, till date you would have seen only NCP Chief Minister. I sincerely felt that our party should grow. The number of MPs should increase, the number of MLAs should increase. Because, there is a cycle. After 25 years a new generation comes forward, after 50 years the second generation comes forward, after 75 years the third generation comes forward. This cycle goes on for years.

BJP had said in 2014 that NCP, Shiv Sena and BJP should contest 16-16-16 seats. Nitin Gadkari wanted; But that could not happen. Now nine people have got a chance in the cabinet. You will get different accounts. This decision has not been taken for the selfishness of any individual. Some MLAs are in hospital. Some could not come. All MLAs are in touch with me. My image in Maharashtra is that of a domineering, strict leader. An image has been created that a leader does what he wants; But I won’t let that happen. To all castes and religions, be it tribals, be it my backward caste brothers, be it women, be it youth, there is no discrimination against anyone. Unemployment increased, inflation increased, we have to reduce it. In order to reduce unemployment, we want to create a conducive environment for business. Sitting in the opposition party cannot create that environment.

Devendra Fadnavis and I had five meetings!

Praful Patel and Sharad Pawar spoke. In 2014, he said that he is supporting BJP from outside. We kept silent, why is it the decision of the leaders? Devendra Fadnavis became Chief Minister. In 2014, we were asked to attend the swearing-in ceremony of Devendra Fadnavis at the Wankhede Stadium. we went Met Prime Minister Narendra Modi there. They questioned us. If they didn’t want to go with BJP, why did they send us there? A similar attempt was made in 2017. The meeting was held at ‘Varsha’ bungalow. Ajit Pawar, Jayant Patil, Sunil Tatkare and Chhagan Bhujbal were present from NCP. Sudhir Mungantiwar, Devendra Fadnavis, Chandrakant Patil, Vinod Tawde were present from BJP. Which accounts, which guardianships, I never lie. If you tell a lie, Pawar’s children will not be there. We got the message. Sunil Tatkare was called to Delhi. Their seniors said, we have been with Shiv Sena for 25 years and we will not leave their side. He said, there will be BJP, Shiv Sena and NCP government. His superiors did not approve of it. He said, Shiv Sena does not work for us. Shiv Sena is communalist. At that time they fell apart. came back Then came 2019. Everyone knows what the situation was after the results.

The government came under the leadership of Uddhav Thackeray. I was made Deputy Chief Minister. I never lied. Worked during Corona. It was not lax. After that, Shinde took a different stance. We told our leaders, something different is happening. Told Uddhav Thackeray, something is happening; But no one paid attention. What happened happened. Ask those MLAs, the meeting was held in my own chamber. All 53 MLAs including me signed a letter. Hasan Mushrif drafted the letter. Eknath Shinde took a different decision. They went to Guwahati. At that time we 51 MLAs proposed to go with BJP; But the seniors did not take a decision. If I speak a single word of lie, I will not be named as a son of Pawar.

Told me and Devendra Fadnavis, don’t talk!

In 2014, BJP brought power at the center on the face of Modi. After that, Modi single-handedly brought power in 2019. He said that Narendra Modi will become the Prime Minister in 2024. Then after the 2019 elections, a discussion took place at a businessman’s house. Five meetings were held. Told me and Devendra, where not to talk. I did not speak as the leaders said. Then there was a sudden change. Told us, we should go with Shiv Sena. Shiv Sena was communal in 2017, what a miracle Shiv Sena became an ally in two years. The BJP with which it was supposed to go became a communalist. It doesn’t work like that. When all this is happening, how can one take a different role here and a different role there?

As long as the life is alive, the activist will not be given a break

We also formed a party… People listen to us too… We are also leaders… If Pawar Saheb holds a meeting in Ambegaon, I too will have to hold a meeting after seven days as a reply… One MLA said, I want to become an MLA… Then he said, Let’s see how you win… to his activist. do you speak The family is yours! The time that has befallen me today should not befall any family… I will not give any gap to any of my workers as long as they are alive.

We are not born to someone, is it my fault?

I am frequently wheeled. We are not born to someone, is it my fault? NCP could not become Chief Minister due to Sharad Pawar’s policy. My request to seniors, they should relax now, don’t be too stubborn.

Bhujbal sweating

The speech of senior leader Chhagan Bhujbal, who participated in the Shinde-Fadnavis government, was also very aggressive. He also targeted Sharad Pawar without naming him directly. He was sweating even in the rainy season while saying that he listened to what Sharad Pawar would say as an order. He was wearing a NCP scarf around his neck. However, they removed him after a while.

Pawar himself said, there is no option but Modi in 2024

Pawar himself told us that there is no option but Narendra Modi in 2024… We will contest 90 seats in the Vidhan Sabha… We will also contest more Lok Sabha seats.

Getting old, are you going to stop or not?

The age has increased. 82 done, 83 done, are you ever going to stop or not? You bless. Be a centenarian. Told me, resigns and looks after the affairs of the organization. A committee does after resignation. After that committee you sit down and make Supriya the national president. We are ready. We agree with that too. Two days later, he withdrew his resignation. If it was taken back, then why was it given?

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