Nashik: Nine people poisoned by eating wild vegetables leader

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Trimbakeshwar (District Nashik) : Leading News Service

A tribal family from Talegaon Kachurli in Trimbakeshwar taluka had nine members admitted to the Trimbakeshwar Upazila Hospital after consuming wild vegetables. His condition is stable due to timely treatment.

While having breakfast on Tuesday morning, a woman from the Pardhi family prepared Bhuiphod, a vegetable that grows naturally in the forest. All the persons who ate that vegetable suddenly started suffering from dizziness, headache, nausea and red eyes. When they were immediately brought to a private hospital in Trimbakeshwar, their health worsened. Some started vomiting. All of them were admitted to Upazila Hospital. Medical Officer Dr. Sandeep Adke immediately started treatment. Medical Superintendent Dr. Bhagwat Londhe and all the staff kept an eye on all the patients after taking information about them. Fortunately, everyone was saved.

Sonabai Pardhi, giving information about this, said that on Monday night, Bhuiphod i.e. Bhuchhatra, a wild vegetable was brought from the forest. That vegetable was prepared on Tuesday morning. A total of 9 persons from Pardhi family and neighboring Bangare family ate it and trouble started. The children of the house did not eat the vegetables otherwise it would have led to a very bad situation.

Among the affected persons undergoing treatment at the hospital in Trimbakeshwar are Sunita Budha Bangare (aged 27), Karan Ramdas Pardhi (aged 22), Sagar Ramdas Bangare (aged 17), Somnath Kalu Pardhi (aged 25), Shantabai Ramdas Pardhi (aged 40), Sonabai Devram. Pardhi (55), Godabai Dhondu Pardhi (60), Budha Kalu Bangare (30), Vanita Ashok Pardhi (20) has been sent to Nashik District Hospital. All are in stable condition.

Care needed

Eating wild vegetables at the beginning of monsoon is beneficial for health. It is an integral part of tribal lifestyle. However, some of them can be poisonous. If not taken care of, it can be fatal.

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