Yavatmal: Damage fund approved for hail affected farmers leader

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Yavatmal, Leader News Service : During the period of 2021 and during the period of March and April 2023, unseasonal rains and hailstorms in the district caused extensive damage to crops. The government’s decision to provide relief for the damage caused during that period has been issued on June 5. A total of 39 thousand 363 farmers of Yavatmal district have been sanctioned a relief fund of 32 crore 54 lakh 14 thousand rupees.

During the period of October 2021, due to hailstorm and unseasonal rains, agriculture and perennial crops were severely damaged. Due to the continuous follow-up of the guardian minister, the government has announced compensation to the affected farmers. More than 33 percent of the farmers who have suffered losses have been given relief. 26 thousand 833 farmers had lost 22,782.10 hectares of crops in four talukas of Yavatmal district namely Darwa, Pusad, Umarkhed and Pandharkawda.

For this, the government has given a loss relief fund of 22 crores 80 lakhs 4 thousand rupees. Also in March and April 2023 due to hailstorm and unseasonal rains there was damage in 13 taluks namely Yavatmal, Kalamb, Ghatji, Ralegaon, Darwa, Ner, Arni, Babhulgaon, Pusad, Digras, Umarkhed, Mahagaon, Pandharkawda. Vegetables, summer sorghum, sesame crops were extensively damaged in this. A total area of ​​5697 hectares of 12530 farmers was affected. For this, the government has sanctioned a fund of Rs. 9 crore 74 lakh 10 thousand as aid for the loss.

In this regard, Collector Amol Yedge has instructed all tehsildars to directly deposit the amount of aid in the bank account of the farmers who have suffered more than 33 percent loss of crops as per prevailing rules. Also, it has been instructed not to give aid funds to the farmers in the form of cash or investment, while depositing the aid amount directly in the bank account, no bank should make any kind of recovery from the aid amount.

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