Maha-E-Office : Disposal of 600 files in Divisional Commissionerate due to ‘E-Office’ system leader

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Nagpur; Leading News Service: Under Integrated Project Management, the day-to-day administrative work in the Divisional Commissioner’s office has become easier and faster with the use of ‘Maha-e Office’ system. So far more than 600 cases have been decided under this system. Divisional Commissioner Mrs. Vijayalakshmi Bidari informed today that this system is being implemented effectively in the entire division. (Maha-E-Office)

The e-office system is being implemented in the state preferably in all the districts of Nagpur division. The e-office system from the Divisional Commissioner’s Office has started since Independence Day last year. The e-office system has been effectively implemented in order to speed up the work by making more use of computers in the government work, streamline the work, keep the documents safe and get the information quickly and make the decision-making process easier. (Maha-E-Office)

Under this system, the first phase started with the Divisional Commissioner’s office. It used to take more than seven to ten days to send files related to various administrative and other work in the district and to decide on them. Due to this system it is possible to decide on these files within one to two days. Mrs. Bidri said that this has become an important step in the administration in terms of paperless office due to which the work has become dynamic.

The journey of files from district level revenue and other departments through e-office system has started in the Divisional Commissioner’s office. 1 thousand 911 files have been registered in this. Revenue, Supply, Planning, Employment Guarantee Scheme, Rehabilitation, Municipal Administration, Establishment Branch, Development Branch etc. Departments of the Commissioner’s Office have started implementing the e-office system.

Wardha district has become the first in the state to launch a complete e-office system in the revenue department. Under the e-office system, 632 files have been disposed of in Nagpur district, 60 in Gondia district, 46 in Gadichiroli district, 87 in Bhandara district and 242 in Chandrapur district.

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