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Eindhoven; News Agency: The Indian men’s team lost 1-4 to the Netherlands in the FIH Hockey Pro League tournament. For the host team, Pepin, Buchardt scored 1 goal each and Duko Telgenkamp scored two goals to contribute to the team’s one-sided victory. India’s only goal was scored by Harmanpreet Singh in the 11th minute. (Hockey Pro League)

The Indian men’s hockey team got off to a great start by scoring their first goal here, after a fine performance last week in London. India were awarded a penalty for a deliberate foul by the opposition and Bahar’s Harmanpreet left no stone unturned to convert it into a goal. However, the Netherlands changed all the equations by showing aggressive play.

With the support of the home fans, this benefited the Netherlands team greatly. In the second session, Pepin equalized for the home team. After starting the third period with a 1-1 deadlock, the Netherlands focused on attacking play. They also benefited from their good dominance on the ball possession front. Once thrown behind, there was little resistance from India and in the end the Netherlands cruised to a comfortable 4-1 victory. (Hockey Pro League)

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